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  • To empower you with the tools that will clear up your acne in an average of 3-6 months. The skinSALVATION method includes the most effective treatments in the industry, truly acne-safe skincare products, and acne-safe lifestyle education.  No dermatological prescriptions needed.
  • To teach you why acne management is a lifestyle – and hold you accountable for making the right, clear-skinned promoting choices! No course of antibiotics, single product, or dermatological prescription will cure acne, but that doesn’t mean acne cannot be controlled successfully and sustainably.  We will give you the tools to do so.
  • To sell only 100% acne-safe products. Before endorsing or selling any product, it must undergo a 6-month skinSALVATION testing process to ensure it is truly acne-safe.
  • To offer our clients full support throughout the clearing process. We are fully-accessible by email and in-clinic checkups between acne treatments.
  • To be honest and straightforward about our method. Every treatment and every product at skinSALVATION serves a purpose in the clearing process, and we are transparent every step of the way.  (That being said, we do not and will not sell you product or treatments you do not need – we are not on commission!).
  • To take our work, and your skin, seriously. Simply put, the skinSALVATION method is effective and efficient. we will clear your acne, and we’ll do it as quickly and sustainably as possible.



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kimberly yap tan

founder of skinSALVATION

a san francisco native licensed since 2004, kim has worked her way through the san francisco spa scene from neighborhood salons to luxury day spas, learning the mainstream, holistic, medical and business ideologies of the industry. she has worked directly under laura cooksey of face reality acne clinic in san leandro, ca and studied in-person with dr. james e. fulton, co-creator of retin-a, author of “acne rx”, and pioneer of acne research and product development.drawing upon the expertise of these two pioneers, they inspired the conception of skinsalvation, blending skin treatments, effective products, and education in holistic health and sustainability local & sustainable food, great friends, music, sunshine and travel keep kim happy and healthy.
 * kim has retired from the treatment room to focus on growing sS’s reach to those in need.  however, she still carefully trains & supervises each sS esthetician to the exacting standards of care that has made skinSALVATION incredibly effective for acne management.

liesse jones

clinic manager + esthetician

fighting acne since: 2015

favorite acne-safe food: sweet potato hash with a poached egg

favorite way to manage stress: 10 minute meditation using the app from headspace.com

wearing hemp organics: crimson lipstick

lacey mons

office manager

fighting acne since: 2016

favorite acne-safe food: paleo lasagna with kite hill “ricotta” and miyoko’s “mozzarella”  

favorite way to manage stress: cuddled up in bed with a movie

wearing hemp organics: berry lip tint

kerry watson


fighting acne since: 1989

favorite acne-safe food: soy-free, dairy-free, gluten-free, low carb pizza!

favorite way to manage stress: taking an aromatic bath

wearing hemp organics: black cherry

allyson gluckman

esthetician + trainer

fighting acne since: 2016

favorite acne-safe food: avocado toast with kite hill cream “cheese”

favorite way to manage stress: a warm cup of tea and a good book in bed

wearing hemp organics: cayenne