sS’s founder kimberly tan in SELF magazine!


ICYDK, i was interviewed last year, to be a part of an article featured in SELF magazine’s march 2016 issue called “the clear skin diet”.  to be honest, i wasn’t quite sure what the work was going to lead to (if anything at all), so i didn’t make a big fuss out of it.  but now that we are officially published, we can now fuss a big fuss about it!


alexandra engler, the journalist who wrote the piece, was on a quest to find some ways to clear up by way of her diet.  through several hours of over the phone and in-person discussion (when i went to NY last fall?  yes, this is what that trip was for), i was able to share with her the tenets of sS living.  as all you sS’ers know, diet alone is just one component of the acne-safe lifestyle we strive to teach our clients.  there are so many factors involved: internal, systemic and topical..

at the end of the day, only just a couple of kim’s soundbites made it through to the actual printed article.  BUT, it’s still pretty cool to see our name in national magazine print.  🙂

find us in this issue right hereplease feel free to go to your local newsstands and get a copy of this issue, or keep scrolling to see the scanned copy of the article, and share with your friends and loved ones who may benefit from some acne-safe lifestyle knowledge!

self magazine march 2016 issue page 1

self magazine march 2016 issue page 2

self magazine march 2016 issue page 3

self magazine march 2016 issue page 4

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