initial acne consultation & skin analysis – for all new clients

90 minutes to 2 hours – $245

For all new clients, skinSALVATION requires an initial consultation appointment. This allows us to identify underlying causes of your acne, teach you how to correct them, create a custom treatment plan + regimen for you based on your skin’s needs, and begin the clearing process.

Your first appointment with us emphasizes the analytical and educational aspect of our work, which ensures you the proper treatment plan for a lifetime of clear skin. The first part of the appointment is an in-depth consultation that examines your skin, health history and lifestyle.  We will uncover the underlying imbalances that are causing acne, and teach you how to correct them. The second phase of the appointment is a hands-on skin analysis, where we document your baseline complexion, and determine your skin care regime.  The last phase is where we share with you information on the skin-changing, acne-safe lifestyle, and we present to you your custom treatment and regimen plan.


For the majority of clients, peels and extractions are scheduled in the same appointment. for some clients with a high risk of hyperpigmentation or keloid scarring, our estheticians may recommend scheduling peels and extractions separately. Peels are also appropriate for those who have achieved clarity, and are correcting post-acne pigmentation or maintaining their clear complexions. If you are unsure what type of appointment to book, do not hesitate to contact your esthetician directly or to email

signature face acne treatment

30 minutes to 1 hour – $145
Thorough extractions purge existing acne seeds and a dermatological-grade chemical peel and/or an enzyme mask exfoliates skin, smoothing overall texture and flushing deep acne impactions to the surface. Pregnant, nursing, or immuno-compromised clients will receive a healing or moisturizing treatment tailored to the skin’s needs in place of a chemical peel. Alternatively, the entire appointment time may be used exclusively for extractions, for densely congested complexions.

dermatological-grade chemical peel

15 minutes – $75
Most clients require our signature acne treatment, but for those clients sensitive to extractions, who are working on minimizing hyperpigmentation, or are maintaining clarity, standalone peels may be appropriate. if you are unsure if a chemical peel is right for your skin, ask your esthetician.


Acne on the back requires higher-grade chemical peels with longer healing times to effectively purge. For this reason, peels and extractions are scheduled separately for all back treatments. For best results, schedule a back peel 2 – 3 weeks prior to extractions and expect a treatment plan that is 6-12 months long.

dermatological-grade chemical body peel

30 minutes – $75
Peeling the skin flushes acne impactions to the surface, allowing for more thorough extractions. Because back peels are higher grade than facial peels, allow 2 – 3 weeks for full healing, and schedule extractions as soon as peeling has stopped.

extractions for the body

30 minutes – $75
Thorough extractions are the most effective and efficient way to purge skin of acne. After the body skin has been peeled, acne impactions are flushed to the surface allowing for most effective extractions, so schedule extractions 2 – 3 weeks after a body peel for best results.

series of 6 face treatment package

To save an average of 10%, clients can purchase a package of 6 signature acne treatments (the standard number of treatments it takes to get clear).
6 facial combination peel & extract treatments —$795 ($75 savings)

skincare products

Homecare products are dispensed only upon professional recommendation and range from $3.95 (for a lipbalm) to $81.95 (for a retinolic serum with hydroquinone). please keep in mind, we only sell you what you need, and only products that are truly acne-safe.

Most basic acne regimens average about $150-200 for 2+ months’ worth of product.

general appointment information

  • The initial consultation and skin analysis appointment kickstarts your journey down the road to clarity. during this time, we will discuss your health history, review your lifestyle and dietary habits, identify the acne-causing ones and empower you with the knowledge on you how to correct them, check your existing skincare products for comedogenicity, and finally, come up with a treatment plan to get you clear – safely and sustainably, as quickly as possible.
  • For best results, we see clients for a 1-hour treatment every 2-3 weeks, until the acne is under control – which is an average of 3 months, or 6 treatments. marked improvement, however, is usually evident within the first 2-4 weeks of the program.  after that, maintenance appointments are recommended for optimal clarity at intervals of 4 weeks, 6 weeks, 8 weeks and so on.  as the skin clears, the time in between treatments lengthens.
  • Post-treatment downtime is to be expected, and is really, not much worse than a bad day of acne you’ve already had.  as your skin clears, skin recovery time is shortened.  inflammation, redness, scabbing, and rarely hyperpigmentation (which in most cases, is correctable) are normal parts of the clearing process.  a hot date or special event the day of (or up to a week following) your appointment is not recommended. please plan accordingly.
  • As long as you give the sS method a fair shot, our success rate is very high – about 90-95%. for the fraction of clients that, by the 6th treatment, don’t clear with sS alone, we may recommend seeing a naturopathic professional to go deeper and help purge whatever is systemically causing the acne – be it a digestive parasite, hormonal imbalances, or yeast/candida issues.
  • Client compliance is the major factor in the success of the sS method.  we reserve the right to dismiss clients that are non-compliant.  we take our work very seriously and respectfully ask our clients to do the same.

Popzit Guidelines

it is skinSALVATION’s goal to empower people to have clear skin for life, and during the initial clearing process, some clients may need our help to professionally extract a couple of inflamed pustules in between full signature treatments.  in between these scheduled treatments, we are happy to offer one complimentary POPZIT appointment to these clients.  please note that we cannot extract anything that has been picked by the client. 
*please note:
  • there is a limit of 1 POPZIT appointments per client between full signature treatments. 
  • any popzit appointment booked with us counts as your 1 allowed, even if we are not able to extract the lesion (i.e.; picked or not ready for extraction) .
  • we also reserve the right to restrict POPZIT appointments for those who need to be seen for regular treatments, or are non-compliant with the program.

a few tips to make these efficient and sustainable for you and sS!

  1. CALL the clinic the day of or before you want to come in.  emails back and forth waste time and slots are often booked by others, while we wait on an email response.
  2. these appointments are made possible, at no charge, by scheduling them at the tail end of another sS’ers full signature treatment.  for this reason, please BE ON TIME or EARLY for this appointment.  if you are late, we may not be able to see you and may have to turn you away.
  3. conversely, because these popzits are scheduled at the end of a treatment, the esthetician may be running late and will need your patience + cooperation in waiting to be seen.  (we thank you in advance!)
  4. lesions that have been deliberately picked at by the client will NOT be extracted by our estheticians for a popzit appointment – it is very difficult, sometimes impossible, for us to get a successful extraction if the skin is already broken.
  5. popzits are by no means meant to be used as substitutes for your lack of icing, keeping a low-inflammatory lifestyle, or inconsistent treatments.  we reserve the right to refuse this service if they are occurring too frequently, or if you haven’t been in for treatment in over 3 months (which means you are probably due for a full treatment anyway).
  6. popzit appointments, especially on fully booked schedules, can be stressful for the estheticians, leaving little to no time for rest breaks.  this service is offered free of charge from the clinic, but gratuities that go directly to your esthetician are very much appreciated – they are hustling harder with their busy schedules to facilitate to your popzit!

cancellation & return policy

  • We encourage existing clients to use our online scheduling system to manage their appointments. Emails, phone calls and voice messages may not be received until the next business day, resulting in a late cancellation charge.
  • For the initial acne consultation and skin analysis appointment, we respectfully require at least 7 days notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment to avoid a 100% cancellation AND/OR rescheduling charge.  with at least 7 full day’s notice, a money-back refund is honored for the consultation only.
  • Because we reserve highly-coveted appointments slots especially for you, for all follow-up acne treatments (both for face and back), we respectfully enforce a firm policy, and require at least 48 hours notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment to avoid a cancellation/rescheduling charge. for 48-24 hours notice, we will charge 50% of the booked service, for less than 24 hours we will charge 100%.
  • Please note that ALL SALES ARE FINAL, including payment rendered for treatments (already rendered or paid for in advance) and products (except in the case of an allergic reaction, up to the discretion of skinSALVATION). Any refunds, if any, will be given to the client in the form of a store credit.