testimonials and transformations

at skinSALVATION we believe our work speaks for itself. since 2008, we have treated hundreds of clients with great success (about 90 – 95%). below you’ll find just a few of our many clients who have found their way to clear skin – for good!


iodide-rash and acne, with hyperpigmentation.

this client was working long hours as a nurse and not prioritizing sleep or stress management. her main source of protein also happened to be iodide-rich shrimp.

during her clearing process she ditched the shrimp and since being clear, has tried to reintroduce shellfish but notices increased breakouts each time. she also was able to isolate recurring inflamed acne on the lower half of her face to masks she wears while working her nursing shifts.

limiting iodides, managing stress and taking anti-inflammatory supplements when she has to wear a mask at work has kept her clear for over 10 years.



severe inflamed and non-inflamed acne.

when this client first came to see us, she was broken out on about 55% of her face, after having used a very common prescription topical medication for a mild skin condition.

at the beginning of treatment with us, her skin was so tight and dry that she told us it hurt to eat a banana. we had to get her skin to a healthy strong baseline before slowly introducing benzoyl peroxide and vitamin a to get her inflammation under control, and exfoliate the deep acne impactions from underneath her skin.

she now maintains her clarity with regular stress management and use of her skincare product regimen.



non-inflamed acne all over, concentrated in their cheeks, chin and jawline. vegan.

they have been a vegan their entire life and though we were able to clear them significantly in just a few months, it was the commitment to *completely* giving up soy that finally got them from 65% clarity to 95% clarity.



inflamed and noninflamed acne

this client still battled chronic acne, even after having taken accutane 4 times in her life. her inflammation and purging took several months to get under control, but she turned her desperation into diligence and dedication and was able to get to a place of 90% clarity, and maintains it without any prescription medications.

note: she was a nurse with a regular overnight shift, which may have caused the aggressive + stubborn inflamed acne behavior, and might also have contributed to the slower clearing process.



severe cystic acne all over, but concentrated on the forehead and temples.

when this 24-year-old latinx client came in to see us for the first time, his forehead was 10% clear and the lower half of his face was 40% clear. he diligently cut soda, candy, dairy + processed foods from his diet and replaced them with high-quality protein + veggies.

aggressive inflammatory control was necessary in order to help control his genetic propensity for swelling: he iced for several sessions a day, used benzoyl peroxide topically, avoided nightshades and other inflammatory foods, and took zyflamend (by new chapter) as an extra herbal supplement.



hormonal, inflamed acne concentrated on the bottom half of the face.

this 23-year-old client battled with acne for her entire teen and young adult life before coming to skinSALVATION. when she first came to see us she was eating dairy and drinking multiple cups of coffee per day to compensate for her lack of sleep.

regular extractions and peels helped to purge the skin. prioritizing sleep, stress management and an acne-safe diet, along with a strong skincare regimen, she has maintained clear skin.


Before finding skinSALVATION I thought that having acne was just something that I had to deal with for the rest of my life. Working on managing my triggers like stress and sleep has not only improved my skin but also my body + mind. I can honestly say that I am a happier + healthier person because of the sS team!

—L. J., skinSALVATION client since 2015.


pustular acne rosacea.

this client had suffered acne and severe redness for years, before coming to skinSALVATION for treatment. this client’s acne rosacea responded best to a combination of benzoyl peroxide and a strong salicylic acid at home, and frequent in-clinic peels.

she has sinced moved out of state but has been able to maintain her clarity for several years (after 2 kids!), by utilizing the lifestyle tips she learned with us, along with using her products regularly.


My goal was to not feel like I needed to hide under makeup because of my acne, and I finally got there! When I make it back to the Bay Area, I can’t wait to get back in with Kim and Christine at skinSALVATION, they are kind, considerate, knowledgeable, and will do anything for you to get you in a better place.

—Kate B., skinSALVATION client since 2011


nodules on jawline and non-inflamed on chin, neck, and forehead, with redness and irritation throughout. vegetarian/vegan.

this light-skinned caucasian woman in her late 20’s was a vegetarian, using comedogenic hair products and eating soy and dairy daily. to get clear, she became a soy-free vegan, and only uses acne-safe hair products and makeup.

after clearing up, she was able to reintroduce coffee into her diet with no ill effects on her skin, but found soy was detrimental to her complexion.


I wish I could give Christine six stars! I went in to see her for a skin consultation and we talking about my skin and what I wanted to improve. She explained everything in so much detail that it started making sense. I didn’t know that acne has so much to do with what I put in my stomach and how I manage my body. She is friendly, knowledgeable and I swear an expert in getting your skin clear and making you look just absolutely beautiful and acne free for life. This woman is GOD when it comes to artistry and making your skin just clear and spotless. If anyone out there is considering getting an acne free skin, I’d advise them to book right away.

—Minty G., skinSALVATION client since 2014


extremely inflamed acne on cheeks and jawline, with noninflamed throughout.

this 28-year-old south east asian client had been going through hormone therapy and eating an inflammatory diet, and the inflammation from her acne left pigmentation marks (which eventually faded once she cleared up, about 6 months afterwards).

to get clear, she had to get her hormone levels in balance (by working with an acupuncturist), and cut down on her sugar intake, while coming in for treatments and using her regimen twice a day.


The team at sS is amazing! Natalie is absolutely wonderful and has done such a wonderful job teaching me and guiding me through the process. She is so knowledgable and thorough. Although, parts of the process are painful and difficult, if you want clear skin, this is the place to go!!!! I highly recommend Skin Salvation and believe that everyone with acne should know about it. Even if you think you don’t have acne and just can’t get your face clear, this is the place for you!!!

Thank you Skin Salvation for my amazing skin!

—Jan G., skinSALVATION client since 2014


Inflamed and non-inflamed acne on cheeks and jawline.

this this 25-year-old pacific islander client had acne since her teens before coming to skinSALVATION, and was under a lot of stress as a grad student working towards medicine. the stress, coffee, and soy were three triggers for her acne, which manifested mostly on the lower part of her face. the pigmentation left behind once her acne healed naturally cleared, in just a few months.


I kid you not: you will believe in miracles after seeing the gals at sS. They did what no pricey derm or facialist in SF and NY could do. Sure, they had me replace my products (to cheaper ones!) and re-up my diet (to a healthier one!), but I am not exaggerating when I say that these women can address any, and I mean, ANY skin problem. they’re also kind, hilarious, and so thorough that you’ll be asking what the catch is.

—Meghan N., skinSALVATION client since 2012


non-inflamed concentrated on forehead and hairline, with hyperpigmentation.

this pacific islander client had non-inflamed acne throughout, with occasional inflammation that was usually a result of dietary choices or stress. we cleared her beautifully (and so did the hyperpigmentation left behind from healed acne).

note: after 3 months, she began eating dairy, soy, and coffee again, and broke out once more. eliminating them from her diet for good (and keeping up with her skincare regimen) has led to long-term clarity, even after 3 kids!


I’m so grateful to Kim and Christine for helping me achieve clear skin. When I first met Kim I was broken out, frustrated, and desperate to find a solution that would work for my type of skin problems (noninflammed/hyperpigmentation). Kim quickly started me on the path to clear skin by suggesting that I make some lifestyle changes (no diary or soy!). In addition, consistent facial treatments including the most thorough extractions I have ever experienced, and using her products in the manner she prescribed, all helped me obtain clear skin. Even when I went back to my old dietary habits Kim and Christine welcomed me back with open arms and cleared me up again. I recently had a baby and Christine ensured I would stay as clear as possible during my pregnancy. She made each visit very comfortable, especially in my last trimester, which I was extremely grateful for. People compliment me on my skin all the time and it’s all due to SS! I still see Christine every 2 months and not because I’m broken out… I’m just addicted to sS. Thank you sS for everything- I’m a sS groupie for life!

—Melanie M., skinSALVATION client since 2011