teen clients

at skinSALVATION we aim to help as many people as possible to live a life of self-sustainably clear skin.  however, we have a few caveats for prospective clients aged 13 – 18.  since our opening in 2008, we have treated thousands of adult acne clients with an average success rate of 90-95% – however teen cases are more difficult.  if you or your teen is considering becoming an sS client, please carefully read the information below before booking your consultation.

if you or your teen is interested in becoming a skinSALVATION client, there a few things you should take into consideration before booking a consultation.

  1. the clarity rates for teens are simply not as high as for those who are over 18. there are many factors that contribute to this, and none of them (with the exception of client compliance) are under anyone’s control.
    • hormones: the hormones associated with puberty cause oil production, inflammation, and excess skin production — all of which lead to acne. while adult hormones are very manageable with dietary and lifestyle changes, puberty hormones can be much more difficult.
    • stress: being a teenager is stressful – academics, extracurricular, and social pressures increase stress levels dramatically, making hormones surge further. in some cases, this combination of stress and puberty hormones will override any acne treatment or product.
    • compliance: even when teenaged clients have the best intentions, the sS method requires strict compliance to be truly effective. whether it’s a sugary snack after school with friends or rushing through (or skipping) your regimen before school, little slip-ups can dramatically impact clarity.
  2. it is important to understand that we cannot guarantee the 90-95% success rate we offer our adult clients. teen acne varies drastically, case-by-case, and while some teen clients attain clarity, others may not even get to 25 – 50% clarity.
  3. teens need to understand and be fully vested in the program.
    • the skinSALVATION treatments include extractions (which can be very painful) and downtime after treatments (that can include peeling skin, redness and scabs for up to a week).
    • the sS method also requires significant lifestyle changes for marked improvement (and enough time compliant to the changes to see the improvements manifest in the skin): dietary, stress management, product changes, and school, scheduling and stress management.
  4. because skinSALVATION is a significant investment of time, money and resources (disciplinary, emotional and otherwise) it is important to consider all of these factors before booking a consultation, and to make sure that the teen client is as invested in clearing their acne as the parent. too often, we see parents who want the treatments for their children, more than their children want them for themselves. if the teen client doesn’t truly want the treatments to begin with, the less compliant the child will be. in some cases, it simply isn’t worth the time, resources, or emotional impact on the teen.
  5. there is no guarantee on the success of the teen program; under no circumstances will refunds for treatments or products will be given.

while we have had success with teen clients, it simply is not as consistent as with adult clients. historically, about half of our teen clients have great results, and the other half have trouble complying with the lifestyle, or have underlying systemic issues that prohibit them from attaining clarity (no matter how compliant they are with our program).

if you and your teenage child would like to book a consultation, we will begin with a two-hour consultation to go over the acne-safe lifestyle information and product regimen recommendations. depending on the age of the client and the particular case, follow-up treatments will be administered on a case-by-case basis.