pets and acne

pets & acne

we love our pets as if they’re our own children. they teach us was what unconditional love & loyalty looks like. unfortunately they can have effects on our acne, so before you go snuggle your fur-baby, take some precautions to help keep your skin clear.

my pups have been under the impression many times that my bed is their bed, my pillow is their pillow. and while i hate to disappoint them, i make sure they don’t touch my pillow or the top half of my bed. (i do let them on the foot of the bed, i’m weak!) 

the reason it’s important to keep your pets away from your face & bedding is due to the oils, residues, and flea medications that coat their furs (as well as the random dirt + dust they get from roaming around in their day to day). often times the ingredients in their shampoo is not acne-safe and the residue can transfer. also, most flea medications keep your pups safe from fleas by coating their hair follicle in chemicals. not to mention the other grime on their fur just from being dogs/cats 😉

while I’m out out of the house, one of my dogs likes to break the rules and sleep on my pillows and even started digging and burrowing, i would end up coming home to a disheveled bed and dog hair everywhere. so I started taking precautions to prevent her from being able to get in the bed by tucking the bedding and putting extra layers on. this has been successful for about 2 years now! read on to see my step by step in action.

in a nutshell, you make your bed first, then lay a big bedspread over it to keep it contained, and lay a smaller snuggle blanket on top for the dogs to burrow in.

here is a time lapse of my routine:

here is a step by step

  • pull the sheet up to cover my pillow(s) and tuck in:


  • pull the comforter up to cover the sheets, and place display pillows/shams over the top:


  • pull a blanket up over the pillows/shams and tuck in at the top:

  • put a bed cover over the entire bed and tuck in at the top. it’s important to get this tucked securely, as this is the protective layer that will keep the dogs out of your sheets safely tucked underneath!:

whew! it sounds like a lot but it’s super fast. she got the picture quickly and she’s pretty happy just laying at the foot of my bed. I even got her her own dog bed & blanket to burrow in. and as a treat, i let her under my covers and all up in my bed on sunday mornings – which is when i do laundry & change the bedding.

this goes the same for snuggles, kisses, and clothing. I keep scarves & shower towels, and face towels away from my pups. and as evil as it sounds, i don’t let them kiss my face or touch my face in general. they can snuggle my head, my chest, my arms… just not my face.

BUT were all human right? and we may end up letting our pets touch our face & bedding despite our best efforts to avoid it. I’ve been using earthbath shampoo on my dogs and the ingredients seem somewhat safe. although the ‘coconut-based cleansers’ is questionable (coconut oil?) and the orange oil is most likely not safe. a better option would be their hypo-allergenic shampoo. but none have been tested or proven to be safe.

my fellow sS esthetician, emily, bathes her dogs in her shikai body wash, so that’s definitely another option!

so while we all may wish to use our pet as a pillow, we just have to be mindful and make adjustments. like maybe while you’re laying your head on your pet, make sure it’s just the back of your head, or put a clean blanket over her :)! And if your pet wants to come up to the top of your bed, have her lay on her own special blanket, etc.. they will still feel the love and so will your skin!


how emily handles stress

emily is a long-time client of sS, turned front desk associate and now, esthetician in training! she’s gone through quite a few growth spurts this year (changed careers, got licensed as an esthetician, started 2 new jobs – reception and esthetics at skinSALVATION, and got married!) and thus, has had her fair share of busy- and sometimes stressful times. it’s been years since i’ve tried to coax her to joining sS, and we are super lucky + happy to have her as part of our team! -kim

if i don’t put a real effort into managing stress, my default mode is to be a stress case. i put a lot of effort into managing it so that i can be the best version of myself, for myself and the people i love and interact with everyday. here’s a glimpse into my stress management toolbox:

meditation is the cornerstone of my approach to handling stress. i especially like body scan meditations to get me back in my body/reality. you can search “body scan meditation” on youtube and find a plethora. i also like this one for when i really need a reset and a reminder that everything is ok. if i don’t even have five minutes to spare, i follow the steps below. i got this technique from here.

  1. get comfortable. adjust your posture (whether sitting, standing, laying down) so that you are in the most comfortable position possible
  2. do a quick scan from head to toe, relaxing each muscle as you move down from head to toe. you can imagine a warm golden glow moving down your body if that helps. this can be done in as little as 5 seconds if you are in a rush, but ideally it would take about 30 seconds-1 minute
  3. smile inwardly and remind yourself that holding onto stress and resentments is silly
  4. take 4 slow, deep breaths and feel the relaxation moving down your body with each out breath. slowly open your eyes after the fourth breath

if other people are stressing me out and i find myself easily annoyed, i try to do a quick spot check inventory to put a stop to the downward spiral of resentments. i’ve included some questions that really help put a hex on unhealthy thoughts – but just a warning, they aren’t always fun to answer. give them a shot next time you’re feeling super stressed at a person or circumstance, i promise it will at minimum change your perspective on the situation.

  • why am I angry?
  • what are my expectations?
  • what am I failing to accept? (accepting opinions of others doesn’t mean I agree with them)
  • do I need to be right instead of happy?
  • what have I done in the past to set this ball rolling? (trains of circumstances)
  • am I being loving and tolerant?
  • where have I been selfish or inconsiderate?
  • where have I been dishonest?
  • where have I been self-seeking?
  • where have I been frightened?
  • where was I to blame?
  • what should I have done instead?

basic miscellaneous tips:

  1. i try not to let myself get too hungry because when my blood sugar gets low my mood gets crazy. eating breakfast helps me avoid getting too hungry throughout the day. if you’re like me and don’t always feel hungry in the morning, i have found that smoothies and oatmeal are an easy way to get some calories quick, and i can drink/eat them fast on my way out the door. 
  2. having two dogs forces me to focus on something other than myself. i start out each day walking my dogs for at least twenty minutes. i get fresh air, exercise, and connection to my community just by walking around the ‘hood. it helps me more than my pups even know!
  3. to get settled at night i drink this and this, plus take 3 of these. i try to stay off my phone and not watch anything too scary on tv before bed so that i don’t get all riled up.