mandelic toner (new + improved formula)

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the cornerstone of skinSALVATION's clearing regimen, this new and improved 3rd generation formula is good for all skin types.

for best results, use it with these toner pads. regular cotton pads you get at the drugstore soak up too much product, so the toner ends up in the trash versus on your skin where it's needed most! and, these toner pads don't leave behind fuzzies (great for fuzzy faces, and inflamed acne).

some client feedback about the new formula, comparing it to the old:

  • "the new mandelic toner is bomb. super strong, cleared up my workout breakouts as well as my mask ones under the chin super quick! "
  • " I’ve been testing it on my face with no negative reactions. I think the product might even be better than before. Is that possible?"
  • "the toner seems to improve the overall quality of my face – it doesn’t feel so inflamed when I am toning regularly and my blemishes seem to not be as big and go away more quickly.  Emotionally, it helps me to not pick them because I can tone and feel like I’m making progress."

this new formula has been over a year in the making, and i am loving it so much more than the prior versions. some reasons why:

one for all:
we fixed the pH so now one formula is great for all skin types: dry, oily, normal, confused / combination or sensitive. it’s also safe for pregnant and nursing folks (but of course check with your doctors for their final approval). 

even brighter:
in addition to the already amazing multitasking mandelic acid, we added powerful brighteners to more quickly fade pigment left behind from healed acne like kakadu plum, sugar maple, sugar cane and citrus unshiu (common name satsuma mandarin, which is also moisturizing, anti-inflammatory and rich in antioxidants) extracts.

strong AF:
more antioxidants to keep our skin strong against the elements. there are hella elements we need to protect ourselves from right now, so you can rest assured your face will be covered! DMAE bitartrate, satsuma mandarin, bilberry, cranberry and fruit extracts hook us up in this department.


2022 formula ingredients:

water, *alcohol, mandelic acid, baking soda, *bilberry fruit extract, *sugar cane extract, *cranberry fruit extract, *lemon peel extract, *sugar maple extract, *orange peel extract, glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, tartaric acid, kakadu plum extract, *glycerin, dmae bitartrate, *witch hazel, citrus unshiu (satsuma mandarin) peel extract, *aloe vera powder 



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