by kerry watson the main goal this week is to stay the course. you will be tired and cranky and you’ll be tempted to cheat. thankfully, you are a planner and that means that you will have candida-safe meals ready to go at every turn.   as a rule i refrigerate stuff for up to 3 days and freeze/reheat the rest. i like to package my food in meal sized containers so that i can just grab it and go as needed.   pro tip: to make the shopping part super easy – use instacart and just get all this stuff delivered so you can take a much needed and well-deserved nap 🙂   breakfasts:   1.) this is my new go-to breakfast even… read more

candida cleanse: week 1

hello skinSALVATION! it is almost february 1st, which marks day 1 of our 28 day candida cleanse (i chose the shortest month to get us going). we will be posting weekly meal plans 1 week ahead of time to give people time to grocery shop and meal prep. we are so excited to do this cleanse with you and achieve our happiest bodies and clearest skin. feel free to email your esthetician with questions or post on our Facebook or instagram! xo, team sS WEEK 1: GET PUMPED MONDAY breakfast egg white crepes stuffed with scrambled eggs and avocado snack olives, tomato, basil salad drizzled with olive oil and herbamare lunch salad with kale, cucumber, tomato, quinoa, and chicken breast. dressed with macadamia… read more

sugar free february! (team sS is doing the candida cleanse)

maintaining a healthy balance of microorganisms within the body helps us have strong immune systems, productive digestion and clear skin. if these microorganisms are disrupted by an overgrowth of candida, it can throw everything off and can prevent you from achieving the acne free complexion that you desire. if you think that you may have candida you have a couple of options: see a naturopathic doctor who can run a test in office do a test at home by purchasing a diy kit from which you send in to have the test completed just do the diet. the most cost effective route but it takes a little will power to do a diet without knowing if you actually have a candida overgrowth.… read more

meal prep monday: the candida cleanse

some of you have heard us talk about the candida cleanse before and how it can positively impact your skin if you have a candida overgrowth. we’ve written blog posts about what candida is and how to treat it. you can read those popular posts here and here. the most important aspects of the cleanse are taking your supplement to wipe out the candida (we recommend cansol) and strictly following the candida free diet. just because there are things that you can’t eat doesn’t mean that this diet has to be boring! here’s a meal plan to get your through the first week of candida cleanse. prep all of this food on your day off and keep it in the fridge throughout the week. THIS WEEK’S… read more

a helpful candida link i recently found!

if you google ‘candida cleanse’, you will get a million and one ways on how to do this cleanse.  most all of them have parts of the way we believe the cleanse should be done, but most have some deal breakers (dairy and fruit are allowed by other approaches, but not with ours).  at sS, we take a conservative approach in how we deal with rebalancing the system, because we also need to make sure the cleansing process is acne-safe too. i found a great article for candida which is, for the most part, in alignment with the way we look at and approach this imbalance. this article pretty thoroughly explains all things candida: how people get candida what symptoms… read more