this is our network of wonderful people who are great at what they do and can help you do what you do, better.  sometimes, we need a little more help, and these people are the professionals we trust to take the best care of you.


  • drs. claire graser and katie strobe at san francisco natural medicine in bernal heights share mutual clients with sS, and have special rates for them. mention us at the time of booking to get 10% off your initial visit with them, and existing clients have access to a special rate toward an abbreviated consult.
  • naturopath dr. erika horowitz and sS have been sending mutual clients to each other for years, with great success. she is trained in classic chinese medicine (vs the much abbreviated traditional chinese medicine), and specializes in women’s bioidentical hormonal health.
  • dr. amy day, the FOURTH naturopathic doctor licensed in california (!) is the naturopath that kim is working with these days.  she specializes in women’s adrenal and hormone issues, but can help anyone with any imbalance.

alternative medicine

  • advanced allergy clinics in hayes valley as been instrumental as one of kim’s top therapists to alleviate her allergies, after years of acupuncture stopped working. founder denise wood, ND and her team are knowledgeable, kind and their work – although a bit abstract for some – has been very effective. they’ve also had success in treating clients with skin issues, such as eczema and psoriasis. denise is also trained in NLP, and has helped kim navigate through deep trauma work.
  • through his book, mark wolynn, author of “it didn’t start with you” has also helped kim navigate and work through stress, anxiety and depression with the science of epigenetics and ancestrally-inherited trauma. here is a great introductory talk to his research.


  • dr. paola acuńa of point of life acupuncture is who kim has seen more recently, in 2018. she practices the japanese kiko method. the needles used are much thinner, making for a much gentler yet super effective approach. kim sees her for stress and digestive management weekly.
  • dr. misha cohen in the dogpatch neighborhood SF, was christine and kim’s acupuncturist who has was one of the first doctors offering complementary therapies for the HIV/AIDS epidemic when it first broke out in the 80’s, and has extensive experience in treating/rebalancing hormones. doc misha helped kim with hormone regulation (both on and off the mirena IUD), stress and even a digestive travel bug she picked up from nicaragua, all without conventional meds.  her clinic also accepts many forms of insurance.
  • double happpiness health is just around the corner from us; they have a beautiful space and wonderfully compassionate therapists.
  • liat barnea acupuncture is a great acupuncturist located at 3150 18th street (at treat street).


  • lila volkas is a recent graduate of bauman college’s holistic nutritionist program, a food writer and illustrator. she’s taught classes at sS and has learned to combined traditional chinese medicine and holistic nutrition to successfully manage her own eczema. she’s also the co-founder of the bay area’s intentional vegetable feast held seasonally!
  • angela ross of whole body balance is also an sS’er, and a certified nutrition consultant. she regularly holds sugar detox workshops, and has a plethora of acne-safe recipes on her site.  she’s a great resource for those that want a little more help with learning how to cook from whole, healthy foods fit for an acne-safe lifestyle.

medical aesthetics

  • linda behla, RN and co-founder of hayes valley medical esthetics offers IPL light therapy, which we’ve found to help drastically reduce post-inflammatory redness; otherwise known as that pesky pigmentation scarring that is left behind once inflamed acne has been healed. in the past, we recommended clients be patient, as the redness naturally dissipates within 6-12 months after clarity is reached, though this IPL therapy certainly helps speed things up – within weeks.  (depending on your skin and goals, you will likely need more than 1 treatment, which are about $300 each). they also have started to offer micro-needling and platelet-rich-plasma treatments (PRP), great for textural scarring! please note they have locations in both san francisco and marin.  as a special, exclusive offer to our sS clients, you will receive 15% off your first appointment, and 10% off each followup by mentioning sS.
  • azala medical aesthetics at the 450 sutter building in downtown san francisco offers a beautiful facility and microneedling + PRP as well as the BBV and halo lasers to help resurface and brighten the skin. along with a successful medical aesthetic practice, dr. scott mosser specializes in transgender chest & body surgery.


  • dr. albert eng along with the rest of the staff at soma sport & physio have literally, kept kim’s body together through excellent chiropractic and physical therapy work.
  • zeel is a great massage-on-demand app that we have used a bunch of times (even once for our quarterly team building event!).  download the app, decide what kind and how long of a massage you’d like, and the thoroughly vetted professional (often times with 10+ years experience) comes to your home (or office, or hotel room, etc) equipped with a table (and sheets, if you ask) ready to give you a rub!  just make sure to have a bottle of acne-safe safflower or sunflower oil ready for them to use on you.  use promotion code ‘skinSALVATION’ and get $25 off your first massage!


  • brittany buxton-ramus, kim’s beauty school classmate, good friend and stylist is extremely creative with color, and regularly showcases beautiful works of art in her vintage-inspired shop.  she also uses AG hair cosmetics’ fast food shampoo and conditioner lite, which are both acne-safe!
  • cat halloran is also a good friend of sS’s, and has a loyal following at her new salon in union square, called smoke & mirrors.  since she’s also a client of sS, she knows what is and isn’t safe for acneic skin, and can help tailor your haircare products to be acne-safe.  the salon is located on sutter street and grant avenue.


  • jane peal is an MFT that one of our sS’ers has had success working with to help alleviate anxiety associated with skin picking.
  • jonathon gray, MFT has been practicing for over 30 years, and can employ hypnosis to help alleviate anxiety associated with habits and phobias, and has great success with smoking cessation clients.
  • skin deep is a book that has been recommended to us by naturopath laura figoski, which helps the reader understand the psychology-skin connection, how to dig deep into the psyche and tools on how to alleviate symptoms

technical help

  • maiya holliday of mangrove web development is the genius that put together this site.  her expertise, ongoing support, the clean fresh look and ease of use (from a small business owner’s admin perspective) are a dream come true.

food – groceries

food – restaurants

  • gracias madre, just a few blocks from sS on mission & 18th is local, organic, completely vegan and acne-safe!  all of their dairy (cheese, milk, ice cream) is made from nuts, they only use non-gmo corn and have absolutely no soy on the menu.
  • bar agricole and trou normand are favorite SF restaurants of ours as they not only produce the most delicious and artfully-crafted cocktails, and seasonal, sustainable food – we have very similar philosophies.  we won’t sell out to the conventional, mass-market way of doing things, and pride ourselves on carefully sourcing and executing the best finished product possible;  a true rarity in our respective industries.
  • camino is another great restaurant in oakland that also holds to very high – and delectable – standards.
  • mission heirloom is the first paleo and aip focused restaurant that i know of to exist in the bay.  whenever i make it over to the east bay, i try to stop by this berkeley gem.  everything they have is acne-safe, and with a few tweaks, can be candida-safe too!  (their goods are also available on good eggs, food delivery).
  • kitava, aptly named after a medical study about acne (!), has taken over an old mcdonald’s and now serves completely acne-safe paleo food on mission and 16th streets. you may remember them as mealmade, the paleo on demand food delivery service back in the day! ps – they still deliver through their website!

art & music & furniture & design

  • jared rusten of j. rusten furniture is responsible for the beautiful california table we have in our reception area, as well as kim’s office desk.  the sS table is made of reclaimed douglas fir wood, carefully fashioned out of salvaged doors from a tenderloin-area hotel renovation – the holes in our table are the original peepholes prevalent in doors of the 1930’s and 40’s.
  • craigslist and the alameda antique fair are the 2 places that we have been able to successfully source our beautiful, second-hand furniture that we have at sS.  it can take some patience, but finding the right piece can be very rewarding!


  • kabuki springs & spa has great communal bathing facilities – co-ed day is tuesdays.  men only and women only days fill up the rest of the week.  be sure to bring your own acne-safe body/skincare products, as theirs are cloggy!
  • pearl spa is an all-women’s korean-style spa offering full-body scrubs and massage. they will gladly use your own acne-safe body washes for their treatments.
  • imperial day spa is built out so that men’s and women’s facilities are completely separate, so you can go anyday you like, and they are open til 10pm.  be sure to bring your own acne-safe body/skincare products, as theirs are cloggy!
  • archimedes banya is probably the largest bath house in the city – they offer both clothed and clothing-optional areas.  be sure to bring your own acne-safe body/skincare products, as theirs are cloggy!
  • onsen is a beautiful boutique japanese-themed spa complete with a restaurant for the ultimate soak + nourishment experience in the tenderloin.