dry scrubbing powder

dry scrubbing powder

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most scrub cleansers on the market utilize plastic micro-beads that flow through our sinks, and end up polluting our oceans.

designed to be used with a cleanser, this all-natural + biodegradable physical exfoliating scrub is suitable for use on both face and body. use a maximum of 2-3 times per week, and only on clear or non-inflamed acne skin. 

it takes some getting used to using, but once you find your flow with it, this product is very versatile and easy to use. use the measurements below as a starting guideline and adjust as needed / preferred.

after cleansing, mix 1 part scrub with 3 parts cleanser of your choice in the palm of your hand. avoiding the eyes, gently scrub all over the face and rinse thoroughly. proceed with the rest of your regimen.

after cleansing, mix 1 part scrub to 1 part cleanser of your choice in the palm of your hand. gently scrub all over the body and rinse thoroughly.

you can always adjust how "scrubby" you want your cleanser to be, by adding more or less scrubbing particles to your cleanser. 

for face, try mixing 5 parts cleanser to 1 part scrub.
for body, try mixing 2-3 parts cleanser to 1 part scrub.

food-grade sodium bicarbonate & finely ground walnut shell powder


this is intended for use by clients that have noninflamed acne, are maintaining a clear complexion, or for those to use on their body parts. 

we don't recommend clients with inflamed, swollen and red acne to scrub their skin. 

DO NOT use this if your skin is already peeling from something else - ie a sunburn or a chemical peel. let your skin heal first before exfoliation!

do not use on broken, irritated, peeling or itching skin. if inflammation or irritation occurs, discontinue use immediately. and always use SPF!

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