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a truly-acne safe conditioner that moisturizes hair without weighing it down. suitable for daily use.

we love this multi-tasking lightweight and unscented hair conditioner. clients have successfully used it in the shower, as a leave-in conditioner and even a styling cream. scent it as you like with a drop or two of pure essential oil for your next all natural, versatile and favorite hair product. 


in the shower: after shampooing, apply generously to the length of your hair. leave on as long as you like and rinse thoroughly. 

as a leave-in conditioner or styling cream: apply sparingly onto the length of your wet or dry hair. experiment to see what application method and how much product works best for your hair style. 

ingredients: organic aloe juice, organic lavender distillate, organic roman chamomile distillate, cetearyl alcohol, castor seed oil, stearalkonium chloride, phenoxyethanol, hydrolyzed wheat, dl-panthenol (vitamin b5), vegetable glycerin, rosehip seed oil, organic black willow bark extract, organic jojoba oil


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