you can really YELP us out!

By kerry watson

by kerry watson Screen Shot 2016-08-10 at 4.40.03 PM as you may have heard, we are in the process of working towards 150 yelp reviews by september 17th. if we can meet or exceed this goal the entire sS team will get to see the queen bey herself in concert! but our REAL goal is to spread the word about sS to help more people achieve skinSALVATION. to help launch us towards our goal, we are offering a free 0.5 oz hydrating cream OR a free 0.5 oz hydrating gel to clients who check in using yelp while in office. if you check in for a treatment monday through friday, you will get both! to do this, you'll need:
  • the yelp app on your phone
  • open it up, check in and, if you have time, we'd love it if you could write a short review and make sure to mention your favorite esthetician. (this part is not mandatory to get your free products).
  • show the checked-in page to the front desk receptionist
  • collect your free products!
if you aren't planning a trip to sS this month you can still help us get to our goal by writing a short yelp review about your experience in working with sS to treat your skin. make sure to mention your favorite esthetician(s) as well and what you like best about them :) and/or you can write a short 1-2 sentence testimonial about sS that we will post to our website. please let us know if we can use your progress photos (we will blur out prominent features like eyes, lips, etc so that you remain anonymous). these testimonials will also count towards our goal!

Not sure where to start?