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hey everyone! chase bank is holding a small business grant giveaway, and we've just signed up. what we need now is to have at least 250 votes to enter us into the next round. please click here to VOTE for skinSALVATION to enter the next round! chase main street grants with funding, we will be able to: - formulate better, truly-acne safe products that are healthier for our bodies and the planet - bring our range of effective, acne-safe skincare products and our upcoming book on how to live an acne-safe lifestyle to the mass market - spread the work of what we do to everyone and anyone that suffers from acne, beyond the city limits of san francisco and to the world! - help make the acne-safe lifestyle we teach our clients become mainstream information, much like how everyone knows that smoking is bad for your health - help save others affected by acne from taking unnecessary and dangerous drugs like accutane, antibiotics or birth control every click counts, and your continued support is appreciated! if you: - have successfully & safely cleared up from acne by working with sS - are living happier & healthier today from working with sS - support woman-owned and operated small business - support the san francisco working class economy stimulated by hiring local - love companies that do not compromise on it's standard of care - wish you had found us earlier to save yourself all those years of acne related trauma - hope that the world, someday, will have access to the same, tried & true, effective and SAFE acne management & treatment alternatives like what skinSALVATION has done for you and your loved ones - LOVE US and know that you are part of our success! please please PLEASE take a moment to click this link, and VOTE FOR skinSALVATION! thank you so much for being a part of our success and growth! love, kim & team sS


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