RIParking lot

By kate

"No Parking" Door the parking lot we've been so lucky to share with the double play bar and grill for the past three years is officially out of commission - in its place, a new residential building is being built. for now, our best alternatives are street parking and public transit. by sf standards, street parking around sS is relatively easy, but you may want to allot a few more minutes to find parking on your way in. taking the BART to 16th street mission and walking east on 16th street is also an option -- the walk from the BART is a little under 10 minutes. there are also several muni buses that drop off right in front of sS. if you're feeling like a rebel, you could also try parking in the potrero center parking lot kitty corner from us (at your own risk). there's usually ample parking, especially in the underground section of the parking lot, but beware, they do occasionally ticket, so know you're running the risk of being fined or even towed. we're working on finding a more permanent parking solution, and we'll let you know when we come up with something. in the meantime, we hope losing the lot won't be too inconvenient for everyone.

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