product discontinuation alert:

product discontinuation alert:

By kerry watson

product discontinuation alert:
by: kerry watson
after many years of carrying reviva stretch mark lotion, we will be discontinuing and no longer recommending this product as an acne safe option. the company has reformulated the product to now include a highly comedogenic ingredient, cocoa butter. if you have this product at home please read the ingredient list to make sure that your bottle does not contain this ingredient. you can use the following non-comdeogenic products in place of this product:
- organic safflower oil
- organic sunflower oil
- pure shea butter
about our acne-safety testing process:
finding acne-safe products is a very painstaking and time consuming process. we carefully shop for products with acne-safe ingredient listings, and then test them in-house for at least 6 months on skins that are already clear, and on people who are religiously living the acne-safe lifestyle, so that we can isolate any new breakouts to that one variable – the product he/she is testing.


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