POPZIT update

By sally waters

MARCH 4, 2021 UPDATE: please note, some of the popzit treatment information and pricing mentioned below is now outdated. please contact us at frontdesk@skinsalvationsf.com if you have questions. thank you! --- hope your new year is starting off with a bang! we're still going strong on our team candida cleanse! we wanted to remind you of some important information regarding our POPZIT appointments. we are so excited that we can offer you this amazing service with our compliments, as a way to help you in between appointments to prevent picking. POPZITS are a free service provided on an as needed basis - we are now limiting these appointments to 1 between regular treatments. (for more severe grade IV cases, we will discuss on a case by case basis). after an average of 3-4 months, with a compliant lifestyle, regimen and clear skin, you should no longer need regular POPZITS. any other popzits past the 1 free will cost $20, as a tip that entirely goes directly to your esthetician. (estheticians have to hustle to finish treatments, treatment notes and clean the room to get ready for your popzit, which are made possible by scheduling them in between full treatments on our schedule - please see more info below). if you find that you need more than 1 appointment in-between treatments, then please try to schedule your treatments closer together and be more honest about (and accountable for!) the choices you are making at home. remember that POPZITS are not an excuse to not doing your best regarding your acne triggers - popzits nor treatments can make up for the lack of what you should be doing at home. HELPFUL HINTS TO PREVENT THE NEED FOR A POPZIT: - use icing as a preventative measure. whether you have inflammation or not, you should be icing according to your needs. if inflammation does occur, try icing the spot before calling us to book an appointment. use NO pressure (let the temperature itself work for you) and ice specific spots for 1 minute at a time, pull popsicle maker away and let skin warm up for a couple minutes and repeat. if after doing this several times a day for a couple of days, the inflammation doesn't subside and/or it comes to a head then give us a call and we'll see if we can fit you in. - spot treat. you can also try very gently spot treating the pimples themselves with extra toner, exfoliating serum or bp by using a cotton swab and applying just to the tip of the pimple; more than that can potentially cause damage to the surrounding tissues, slowing down the healing process. - good quality rest. make sure you're getting a good nights sleep. we like to see 8-9 hours of good quality, uninterrupted sleep every night. lack of quality sleep is a big inflammation factor! - keep your stress levels down. i know, i know, sometimes it's easier said than done, but stress plays a much larger role that we give it credit, and is largely responsible for the cascading effects of poor health. our staff has been really excited by a couple of tools that we find super helpful:
  • the headspace app has 10 minute guided meditations.
  • insight timer is another cool free mediation app that allows you to choose how long you want your meditation to be. you can choose from simple bell meditations to guided ones, with voices. try these while you commute, if you need a time out at work, or any time during the day!
  • herbal remedies blended specifically for stress (you can find a plethora of these are your local health food store) stretching. getting into a pose and breathing into it, hold each pose for at least a minute.
  • deep breathing. fill up your belly and feel it rise and fall with each inhale and exhale. try to make your exhales a few seconds longer than your inhales.
all these ideas and more can be found in our blog and on our pinterest pages! - sugar! sugar is an inflammation offender so back away from the candy jar! other sources of high sugar are sodas, sports drinks, alcohol (especially mixed with fruit juices), fruit juice, fruit and refined carbohydrates. try to eat whole grains, low glycemic fruits like apple, berries and grapefruit, and ditch the sugary beverages for another choice like herbal tea (hot or iced) or carbonated water. - dairy, soy and coffee. eliminating these from your diet, especially in the beginning, is so important to keep inflammation from flaring and to stop planting the seeds of non-inflamed acne. discuss with your esthetician before reintroducing any of these back into your diet. it may or may not be a good idea for you. - supplements. trying out supplements to either keep inflammation down (like zyflamend or optizinc) or to keep stress levels down (your local health food store will have many options!) can also help with calming the nervous system, thus keeping swelling down. you can find these at sS, both in-clinic and in our online shop. with that said, we realize that we are not all perfect. stress and life happens. we realize some of you travel for work and that occasionally the timing of your treatments is not ideal. we love that our relationship with you is open and forthcoming about your regimen, diet and lifestyle. our support of you is our utmost concern, help us help you, by keeping communication open, regular, and honest. SCHEDULING FYI we want to gently remind you that while it is super important to us at skinSALVATION to support and educate you through the often-times challenging process of clearing your acne, the POPZIT appointments are scheduled at the end of signature acne treatments, immediately before the start of another treatment, rest- or lunch-break. this can be stressful for the estheticians, especially on fully booked schedules, leaving little to no time for rest breaks. please plan to come early for your popzit appointment, to allow time for parking. if you come too late, we may have to turn you away, in order to start our scheduled appointments on time. that said, your first pop in between scheduled treatments is offered free of charge from the clinic, and gratuities for this first pop that go directly to your esthetician are very much appreciated. any other additional pops will cost you $20, and its' entirety will go to the esthetician as a tip. we are hustling harder with our busy schedules to facilitate to your popzit! we love our sS'ers and your support means the world to us! keep up the good work, and thank you for your continued support! .

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