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hi lovely sS’ers, i hope you are enjoying summer! as you know (from our last newsletter back in march right before our move!), in addition to getting some downtime to rest and reset, i am also working on some major sS restructuring. you can expect all the details on that shortly in a clinic-wide email blast, but i thought i'd start off with a list of products we are going to discontinue carrying (along with where you can continue to purchase them, and any other notes i conjured up). at the time of this writing, these products are still acne-safe, i am just on a quest to streamline our offerings to make running sS more sustainable to provide better service for our clients! please take a look at the list and stock up on our online shop, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns. if you are a client using any of these exfoliating toners:
  • 7.5% mandelic blend
  • 7.5% mandelic + d2o blend
  • 10% mandelic toner
  • glycolactic toner
  • sterilizing toner
please contact me if you are interested in helping me research what alternatives will work best for you by emailing many thanks for your understanding and continued support of my business through these transitions! love, kim


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