new probiotics!

new probiotics!

By diane anastasio

new probiotics!
hey sSers! just a quick post to let everyone know about our switch to a new line of probiotics. for the past several months, we had been selling probiotics and digestive enzymes by kyo-dophilus. while we still love this brand, we wanted to introduce a more powerful probiotic into the clinic for our clients. our new probiotics are called jarro-dophilus by jarrow and they contain 25 billion viable cells per capsule, as opposed to 3 billion in kyo-dophilus. the new probiotic also contain 8 different strains versus kyo's 3. these shelf-stable probiotics are enteric-coated, which means that they can survive stomach acid and reach the small intestine intact, increasing the spread of beneficial gut bacteria. these probiotics are more potent meaning that some clients may need to slowly work up to the suggested dosage. jarrow probiotics (legally has to) list dairy and soy in trace amounts as some of their ingredients. this is because some strains of the jarrow high potency formula were grown on growth media that includes dairy and soy. but, after the growth period the strains are filtered off and washed away from the culture medium. this leaves little to no trace of dairy and soy remaining. the strains are then added to a carrier, like potato starch, and subsequently encapsulated. bottom line - the minuscule amount of dairy and soy content of these probiotics should not pose a problem for those who are prone to acne. we chose to carry this brand because:
  1. we believe in the importance of digestive health for clear skin,
  2. this brand has been proved by third party researchers to be shelf stable, and are enteric coated and
  3. jarrow is one of the leading probiotic brands in intestinal and immune health that you can easily find anywhere.
we will be reviewing other brands of probiotics and perhaps will start carrying these other brands to survey the best of what's available on the market.


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