new clogger alert: argan oil

By kate

Arganbad news, sSers, vivant labs has confirmed that argan oil (sometimes called argania spinosa in ingredients lists) is a certified pore-clogger. argan oil has gained popularity in cosmetics over the past couple of years -- especially in some of the higher-end brands -- so make sure you check your labels. we've updated the comedogenic list to include both argan oil and argania spinosa, so if you keep a copy of the list on your phone or in your purse, it's time to trade up for the new one. as always, keep in mind that it's an evolving list. we do our best to include the latest research, but since new ingredients are invented everyday it will never be fully complete. so, do your due diligence and check those labels, but also make sure you're listening to your skin. if you start using a new product and start breaking out, stop using it (even if the ingredients look safe). there a plenty of acne-safe products out there, but sometimes it just takes a little effort to separate the wheat from the chaff.

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