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hello skinSALVATIONers! many many blessings, love and gratitude to you. thank you for your continued support of skinSALVATION's mission to give a healthy, natural, and sustainable method of attaining clear skin to those afflicted. there have been many things coming together in the last several weeks, so hold on tight because here goes! NEW GIRL! christine savage, a former client who suffered with severe cystic acne for over a decade, cleared up with sS, and has since become a licensed esthetician. she has been training under kim for several months now, seeing clients under my supervision. she is learning quickly, and is now starting to see clients independently, as part of her blossoming into the careful, focused and intuitive acne specialist she has been destined to be :). feel free to send her some love, at christine@skinsalvationsf.com. NEW DIGS!! so, we have finally found sS a new home, after 2 years of searching! our new location will be located on top of the legendary double play bar (http://www.yelp.com/biz/double-play-restaurant-san-francisco and doubleplaysf.com) at 2405 16th street @ bryant. THIS WILL BE OUR LOCATION STARTING DECEMBER 21, 2010. also, as warning, we are going to be a little spartan in the furniture department so apologies in advance for the lack of furniture in the first weeks of business in our new location. kim is picky with her furniture and its going to take a while to acquire beautiful, quality pieces. the double play bar and restaurant has been open since 1909, when the giants played across the street as the san francisco seals in the old potrero stadium. the double play is known for their famous breakfast burritos (available veggie, or with meat!) and they also have a full bar and acne-safe food options :) parking is a bit easier in this part of the neighborhood - we are working with rafael, the owner of the double play, to hook us up with some parking spaces for yous. make sure to stop by for a drink and say hey to rafael or bartender wayne, to help support this cause (wink). we will update you on this through our blog (see below). NEW CLIENTS: the WAITLIST what's going on with the waitlist: there are over 300 people (and counting) that are waiting to be seen. we are slowly plucking them from the top of the list, and are seeing more and more new clients each week. we are thinking of holding an open house to invite those on the waitlist to come check out the clinic, meet christine and i and maybe even some sS clients (anyone interested in hanging out with us?) that would be down to share their stories and knowledge of their road to clarity with sS. i am thinking sometime in the early spring for this - let us know what ideas you have, we'd love to hear them! NEW POLICIES we will be operating out of our new space at 2405 16th street @ bryant by december 21. if you are coming in for an appointment, we will make sure to update the appointment reminder email to reflect our new location change when it happens. also, we will be increasing our acne treatment prices from $95 to $100 to help with the transition of our expansion, effective january 1, 2011. our pricing will then rise to $115 per treatment starting march 15, 2011. with a little research, you will find that for anywhere between $85-$200 you'll get a 15-30 minute face cleanse and chemical peel application elsewhere in the city. at sS, you get a steam exfoliation, full extraction session, a chemical peel AND lifestyle changing education along with personalized advice for your specific acne case. we stand behind the quality, effectiveness and value of our treatments, and appreciate your continued support of this. NEW IDEAS lots of them coming at you in 2011, so stay tuned. for now, you can catch up with us through our blog, http://skinsalvation.wordpress.com/ kim intends for this to be a main way of communication as to what's going on with sS, and events. emails will be limited to "serious business," and include things that will impact you directly (like new office address & policies, etc). the blog will reflect the serious business, but also fun things like acne-safe foods, recipes, cool events, talented artists, etc. that you can follow at your own pace and desire. once again, thank you so much for your continued support, referrals, and LOVE. it can be overwhelming at times to be in such high demand for our method of treatment, but it is awesome to be able to stand behind an incredibly effective, natural, sustainable and CLEAR way of living - and to be able to help so many beautiful people like YOU!! peace and blessings, kim & christine

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