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welcome to our very first blog post! this will be a place for skinSALVATION to post happenings around the city, our latest findings on acne and the skin, as well as random updates. here is the newest bit of information, live and direct! WAITLIST with the crazy (but good crazy!) success of our uniquely effective acne management techniques, the good word has spread and we now have a 6-month waitlist to see new clients. skinSALVATION is working hard to expand our staff as well as our location (we are looking high and low for the perfect place) to help expedite the wait! thank you so much for your patience, it will be worth it, we promise. MAILORDERS we can arrange for products to be sent to our EXISTING client base. (sorry new clients, but we feel comfortable recommending products only after a thorough consultation, for your safety!) just send us an email with what you need, where to send it to, and what form of payment you'd like to use (credit cards and checks are accepted). please note, that insurance is now mandatory and will be tacked on to each and every order sent out (starts at 60 cents and up), regardless of the purchase dollar amount. all packages are processed and sent out on TUESDAYS, via USPS for now. CANCELLATION POLICY we have begun to implement a new cancellation policy, please take note that it will be effective immediately. we ask for 48 hours notice in order to avoid any rescheduling or cancellation changes. we will charge 50% of the service price for 24 hours notice, and 100% (or deduct a full treatment from your series) for same day notice, or no-show. your appointment reminder email is sent out 3 days in advance, giving you a full 24 hours to modify your appointment if needed, without penalty. thank you as always, for your continued support of our small business. it is a gift to be able to help people, younger and older, to rediscover their clearer complexions and new outlook on life. we look forward to seeing you soon!


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