dearest skinSALVATION'ers! happy summer from the sunny mission neighborhood. i hope this newsletter finds you well! christine and i have been extremely busy settling into our new home at 16th and bryant, and have so many new things to share with you. here goes! GRATITUDE first off, i want to THANK YOU so much, from the bottom of my heart, for your continued support of sS. it has been over 3 years since i started sS in february 2008 and it is amazingly grounding to have such an awesome client base that continues to inspire and motivate the growth of me as a person, and sS as a holistic institution! NEW SCHEDULER our new scheduling site is ready to launch. while christine and i have been figuring out the new scheduler, some of you may have gotten some random system-generated emails. sorry about these, and thank you for your patience as we get over the humps and bumps of conversion! the new site will allow you to not only manage your appointments 24/7, but also purchase product online - and you can choose to either pick them up in-clinic or have them shipped to you. below are a few important tips about the new scheduler you should know: 1. to access the site, please reply to this email with your choice of username and password (the password has to have at 6 characters with at least 1 numerical character). once we enter you into the system, you should be able to log in, complete your profile, and schedule appointments/purchase products to your heart's content! after your login/password has been entered, you will receive a login information email to confirm your account. 2. the new system requires payment at the time of scheduling your appointment. if this cramps your style (ie, you are a student or you pay in cash), let us know and we will enable your profile to book appointments without paying for them in advance. 3. popzits and product pickups are free to book, and you can book these the same day you want to come in. 4. 3 words: online shopping cart!! you can now purchase products online and choose to have them shipped or picked-up in clinic. YAY! 5. a good deal of you have series of treatments with us - so if you try to book and the system asks for payment even though you have prepaid sessions leftover, let us know so that we can manually enter in these treatments, enabling you to book them online. thanks again for your patience as we work through the learning curve of the new scheduling system :) COLORESCIENCE ok this one is for the ladies. many of you have complained about broken compacts and/or brushes from colorescience, and they have agreed to replace any broken units - FOR FREE! so please bring in your broken pieces, and we will get replacements ordered for you. the broken pieces are a must to bring in, as we need to ship them back to corporate for the reimbursement. NEW WEBSITE this one is still in the works, and should be launching in the next few weeks. our new site will include a direct link to our blog, so you can keep abreast of sS news as well as seasonal acne tips - like remembering to apply sunscreen on your ears and the back of your neck in the summer heat! i also want to be able to upload photos of acne-safe products and foods i come across when im out and about in the city - and beyond. it'll be a great way for us to keep in touch, without sS bombarding your email every time we make a great acne-lifestyle discovery :) BBQ! to show our gratitude for all the support over the years from our ever-loyal and always-awesome skinSALVATIONers, we are planning a thank you barbecue! tim truvillion of t's catering specializes in down home, mississippi style barbecue. yes, there will be meat on the bone to chomp down on, but also lots of delicious dairy-and-soy-free veggie options! we are thinking saturday, september 24, 2011, downstairs at the double play (the bar/resto downstairs from sS). we'll keep our fingers crossed for beautiful weather so that we can have it be an outdoor event! we will send out an evite as we get closer to the date. thank you, thank you, thank you. see you all soon! peace and many many blessings! kim (and christine!)

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