FREE 2oz body lotion when you donate to EMPACT northwest

By liesse jones

EMPACT northwest is a non profit organization that helps get professional medical volunteers to places in need. these volunteers assist with domestic and international medical emergencies, disasters, and scheduled medical missions. they are currently deploying a medical unit to haiti to aid the victims of hurricane matthew. one of sS's own beautiful clients arrived home safely this week from haiti and sent us this sweet message and update: "Here are some shot of me with your products. I know I don't post yelp reviews or FB comments. But I could not have the complexion and confidence if not for your amazing work!!! So even while on deployment in Haiti where there is NO running water I still manage to take my product with me! We had rain water we would use to take "bucket" rinses. The small bottle without a label is my charcoal wash. Please post the hell out it and make sure people know that you donate to us and make us possible!" sS client uses her skin clearing products on a medical mission in Haiti! sS client brings charcoal cleanser and moisturizer with her on medical mission to Haiti! how you can help (even if you aren't a medical professional) visit and make a donation of $10 or more. bring proof of your donation with you to sS and receive a FREE 2oz body lotion!


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