coola suncare products are no longer acne safe!


coola suncare no longer acne safe
about 2 years ago, coola stopped making their acne-safe sunscreens, for both face and body, and reformulated it to contain acne-causing plankton extract (reputed to have natural sunscreening properties) and avocado oil - among other comedogenic ingredients. so, sS bought up the rest of the old, safe formula to hold us over for a couple of years, and sold the last of that a few months ago.
we've recently had an onslaught of sS'ers who found and bought the new, cloggy coola spf online, used it for a few months, and eventually start breaking out, resulting in more visits to the clinic for acne treatments. we love seeing you at sS, but DON'T DO IT!
by buying your products at sS, you not only are ensured to be buying products that are tested by us to be acne-safe, but you also support all the research and testing that we've put into the products we sell, AND support your local economy.
yes, you can probably get non-sS branded products for cheaper online - they can buy in much larger volume, and don't have the overhead that a brick-and-mortar in san francisco does, like paying top-notch estheticians do the research, testing, treatment and support necessary for our work of holistic acne skincare.. or, you can take the sS comedogenic list and shop for yourself in the store, but run the risk of breaking out from something not tested and proven to be safe, not to mention spending all that time/frustration reading through those lists. we've already done the research for you; everything we sell at sS has been tested, carefully selected by us or formulated by us to be acne safe. *of course, there is always going to be that 1% of clients that are reactive to an ingredient or product that 99% of the population is not. other than water, oxygen and love, we can't guarantee that the 1% isn't going to be allergic to something.. but we think that a 99% success rate is pretty good :)
THANK YOU for voting with your dollars and stimulating the local economy by supporting your local small businesses!

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