CHRISTINE! sS's new esthetician!


please welcome our new esthetician, CHRISTINE SAVAGE MINDELL, who will be starting with sS full time wednesday, august 11. christine started off as a sS client in 2008 with severe cystic acne, and after countless over the counter products and even a strict chinese medicinal route, found clarity with sS's skin clearing protocol. so inspired she was, that she left her library sciences masters program to attend beauty school (the aveda institute, in san francisco), solely to join sS to help save her fellow acne-afflicted. she is a most beautiful soul (and beautiful girl to boot!) and totally understands the sS process in and out. she is full of bright ideas, the most interesting stories (ask her about her long walk in china, just ask her!) and is uber-organized, which will certainly help with sS finds our new home ;) feel free to give her a shout at see you all soon! ps - here's a pic of christine and i, on her wedding day. which happened to be 5 days after her taking her state board exam, and getting her esthetic license! whew!

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