chase bank's mission main street grant : UPDATE


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hey guys. a few lovely and thoughtful sS'ers have asked about that crazy chase small business grant we participated in last year. wanted to write an official post to tell everyone that we did not win this year. but maybe next! every year, chase bank gives away $150k to 20 small businesses throughout the US (each!!) to expand their business. it's a 3 step process: 1. the small business signs up for the giveaway, and any business that gets at last 250 votes (more or less like facebook likes) proceeds to the next level of the game. 2. the small business fills out essays on what exactly they'd do with the grant, and jazzes up their application with videos, etc to get better chances of winning. 3. after the small businesses get their 250+ likes, it's up to a panel of business judges to decide the 20 $150k grant winners. there's currently no list of winning criteria, but i assume they choose based on: the business' needs + chances of success, their contribution to the community, and probably which markets/industries/businesses would make chase look the best (practical truth). so, i'd like to think that, because sS is already so awesome at changing lives, we are destined for success! with or without the grant. those execs probably thought 'sS is already on their way, they don't need our help as much as these other businesses do.' or, maybe, none of those on the board ever had acne! in any case, we congratulate those winners, and wish them the best of luck in growing their businesses... and are grateful for those who are in the bakery/dairy business (like the ice cream or bakery businesses that won this round.. and SF's very own 'american grilled cheese kitchen' that won in 2012!) because they are helping to create more acne for us to clear up! haha. kidding.. not kidding. ;)


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