PRODUCT ALERT: charcoal cleanser

By liesse jones

hello clear skinned beauties! most of you have used our signature charcoal wash in the past, which does an amazing job of removing makeup, dirt and oil from the skin. the formulation that is on our shelves right now is the same one that we have used for years. some of you may have experienced recently that the charcoal seems to have settled to the bottom of the bottle, leaving the top of the bottle clear and the bottom black. this happened because charcoal is a natural ingredient that is heavier than the other ingredients in the cleanser and when left over time without motion it can settle. easy fixes:
  1. after you cleanse, set the cleanser bottle upside down so that the charcoal can fully immerse again.
  2. vigorously shake the bottle to mix the charcoal back in!
  3. a client told me that she put hers upside down for a day and then put it in her 2oz bottle - at this small size she hasn't noticed that it settled again.
although this is an easy fix, we know that it's kind of a hassle. so, what are we doing about it? we are currently reformulating the charcoal wash with a new emulsifier that will keep the charcoal particles suspended. in addition to this, the new formulation will include quinoa protein instead of wheat protein to make it completely gluten free. this being said, please note that we have had many people (myself included) who are allergic to wheat be able to use this cleanser topically without a reaction. i personally keep my mouth closed during cleansing to be sure that none effects me internally. reformulating a product is a long process. the new cleanser will have to go through testing at the lab, client testing, and stability testing before it can be made available to you. please be patient with us while we work hard to bring you the best possible product to help you achieve and maintain clear skin. in the meantime please continue to use your current cleanser and put it upside down or give it a good shake if need be. thank you for your continued support! we love you guys!

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