attention - new product announcement!

attention - new product announcement!

By kerry watson

attention - new product announcement!
by kerry watson
we recently undertook a research project here at skinSALVATION with the goal of finding the best possible brand of cod liver oil supplements to recommend to our clients. we did extensive research on a number of brands including green pastures (the one we previously carried). and the winner is....(drum roll).....nordic naturals! a long-time pioneer in omega 3 products, nordic uses centuries old fishing traditions that go back to the time of the vikings. the pride they take in their products and process is truly inspiring. from sea to supplement every step in the production process has been meticulously streamlined to deliver the freshest quality product while staying true to their ancestral heritage. for an in depth look at their process and ethics check out this 12 minute documentary video.
cod liver oil is high in omega 3 fatty acids which are "good" fats that the body needs for proper hormone synthesis and healthy prostaglandin formation. healthy hormone synthesis is important in hormonal balance which is vital in keeping inflammation levels low and in preventing excessive cell turnover in the pore which plays a major role in acne seed formation. prostaglandins are lipids that have hormone-like actions with the ability to turn on or off inflammatory messages in the body. high quality cod liver oil contains significant amounts of the vitamins a and d. these vitamins are converted to their active forms, retinoic acid (vitamins a) and calcitrol (vitamin d) in the body. both are precursors to hormones that regulate healthy gene expression. to sum this all up, cod liver oil helps to balance hormones and control inflammation.
as some of you may know, before I started my career in esthetics I worked on the b2b side of natural products retail at SPINS, the leader in data, analytics and consulting for natural/speciality products retail. nordic naturals has been a leader in the EFA category for the past 15+ years that i have been in the business. they have maintained their place on top because of their stellar brand transparency and authenticity, which is something we at skinSALVATION celebrate and support!


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