acne-safe hand soap back in stock!

acne-safe hand soap back in stock!

By allyson gluckman

acne-safe hand soap back in stock!
many of you have been awaiting our beloved aloe80 hand soap to return to the shop, and great news, it has arrived! a few things to know:
  • it's the same amazing formula from lily of the desert with new and improved packaging! you may not recognize it because the package used to say "aloe80", now it just says "liquid soap".
  • its aloe based so it won't dry out your hands, (remember your hands and your neck tend to show signs of aging first!)
  • acne safe ingredients, so you don't have to worry about cloggy residue transferring to your face or body after to clean your hands!
  • pick it up any day in the shop or our online store!
Emily long-time sS client turned front of house cutie showing off the new goods!


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