(anthem salgado is one of my most favorite friends. he's taught me all i know about rock climbing and he is the friend in my circle that is perpetually inspiring, extremely creative, attractively wise (he is single, btw - wink) and always so self empowering. he is putting on a couple of workshops to help our artistic selves toot our own horn to get a j-o-b in this economy! check it.) ...with this ART OF HUSTLE workshop. Sadly, many artists still think they'll be "discovered" -- Really? -- so they don't bother learning fundamental (yes, fundamental, not elective) skills necessary to their own advancement. Real talk, when you don't have the support of a major institution (which is most of us, most of the time), you can still make moves! Folks ought to take the wheel and exercise more self-determination. Now here it is. A not-too-long, not-too-short, one-afternoon-only class on: * CREATING your artist statement, resume, press release, media kit * STRATEGIZING and PROFESSIONALIZING your process to get your work seen Whatever your genre, this is for anyone who would benefit from a learning boost. ART OF HUSTLE SUNDAY, FEBRUARY 21 REGISTER HERE - also, for the actors and spoken word wizards.. I'm giving a Storytelling workshop next month, the only one (to my knowledge), that is GUARANTEED for freshness. Seriously, that's no play on words. We're gonna write, we're gonna act, we're gonna have fun, AND our performances are gonna be presented by a 25-year veteran arts organization! If you could use more stage time, or joy, or creativity, or performance skills, this is for you! I'd love to see you and I'd love to work with you. Please sign up! Tuesdays in March REGISTER HERE - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER. thank you for supporting your local artists!

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