price increase effective january 16, 2015

thank you so much for your support all these years. with our new clinic space and growing practice, a price increase on services will be effective january 16th, 2015:

  • initial consultation and & skin analysis: $245
  • signature acne treatments: $145
  • signature body treatments (extract or peel): $75
  • chemical peels only (no extractions): $75
  • series of 6 signature acne treatments: $795

you can lock down the current treatment pricing by purchasing a 6 treatment series for $695 before january 16th. at this rate, the cost of each signature treatment comes to $116.83. the treatments in the series never expire, so you can use them at anytime.*

additionally, as we continue to reformulate and improve our signature products, we will be increasing prices on products effective in february 2015 — so stock up now!

thank you for supporting us, and allowing us to do the fulfilling work we love to do – empowering you to be self-sustainably clear!

*PLEASE NOTE: limit 1 series per client; series cannot be shared between 2+ clients.

skinSALVATION featured in refinery29!

refinery29 logo

last month, kim was interviewed by annie tomlin for a piece she was writing for refinery29 on the best acne treatments out there. kim’s insights were featured alongside some of the top dermatologists in the country, as she talked about what all you sSer’s already know (like don’t forget to ice and stop using cloggy products!) we’re so honored to be featured in the piece, and hope you all check it out, and pass it on!

acne-safe cheeses galore

one of our favorite things is acne-safe cheese. we love it so much that we have included lush spreads of the many acne-safe cheeses at previous parties. if you haven’t had a chance to feast on cheese in a while, fear not, all of the nut cheeses featured below are easily available at a natural food store or whole foods near you. we even sell one of them at skinSALVATION!

it’s worth noting, that not all dairy-free cheeses are created equal: many of them have carrageenan and/or coconut oil in them — both of which can cause acne. the list below includes only the dairy-free cheeses that passed the skinSALVATION test. there are definitely other cheeses on the market that are acne-safe, but if you see a dairy-free cheese on the shelves that isn’t on the list below, make sure you check the ingredients first: any cheeses with coconut oil, carrageenan, or other seaweed/seaweed derivatives are definitely off-limits.

acne-safe cheese guide

chiacheezehot chiacheezenacheeztreeline cheesecheese

and of course, you’ll need some crackers to go with that cheese.  here are the safest options we found at rainbow grocery and at whole foods, containing whole grains and no dairy, soy or sugar.  for more information about acne-safe breads, read our blog post on it here.

acne safe crackers

skinSALVATION is moving on march 15th!

big news, sSer’s! we’re moving to a new space! we’ve loved our last three years at our current 16th street location, but we always knew it was temporary and would one day be converted into a residential building. so, after a few months looking for a perfect, permanent space for skinSALVATION, we finally found our new home:

2489 mission street, #16
san francisco, ca 94110
(at the corner of 21st and mission.)

we’re all set to move on march 15th, so if you have an appointment scheduled for after the 16th, make sure to come to the new space. we’ll email and call all clients that are scheduled on or around the 16th, to make sure everyone comes to the right place.

parking around 21st and mission is almost all metered, which means parking during the week will be much easier, but for weekend appointments it may be trickier. there are a few paid parking lots within walking distance as well, if you’d rather avoid street parking. the new space is only 3 blocks away from the 24th street bart station, so taking the bart is also a great option.

we’re very happy to be moving into our permanent home, and are so excited to be in the heart of the mission. our new home is half a block north of longtime mission staple, foreign cinema and the new beautiful rooftop bar at el techo, and around the corner from many other wonderful businesses. we can’t wait to be the newest member of the community!

question of the month: how do you manage stress?

if you’ve been in sS in the last couple of months you probably saw (and hopefully contributed an answer to!) our question of the month. this month, we wanted to know the different ways sSers managed their stress. as we all know, stress raises cortisol levels which can trigger breakouts, so managing your stress is important for maintaining glowing, clear skin.

so how do sSers manage their stress? unsurprisingly, in pretty diverse ways. some of our favorites were:

“wine and classical music in the morning and before going to bed :)”
(we think they meant wine before bed, and classical music in the morning)

“i ice my face!”
that’s what we like to hear!

“candy crush.”
sometimes all you need is something simple to distract yourself from whatever is stressing you out for a few minutes.

“i turn off all my electronics 30 minutes before bed.”
… so no candy crushing late into the night

“i pet my cat.”

“treat myself to a soak, steam, scrub at kabuki spa —  yoga always helps, too”
don’t forget to take care of yourself, in whatever way you need. a spa day can be refreshing and rejuvenating – but even if the spa isn’t your thing, try and find things you can do just for yourself.

we hope everyone is taking time for themselves, and managing their stress, and that some of these ideas are helpful ideas. the full list of responses is below – let us know if you have any other suggestions!

“watch the mindy project.”

“i take long walks!”

“i commune with the Divine (aka, i drop into my heart and listen.)”

“hot bat with epsom salts and lavender – bliss!”

“RARRAR rock and roll rock and roll”

“i chant my buddhist mantra: nam myo-ho renge kyo! over and over until that sound vibration raises all my vibrations.”

“run away with a cowboy in austin!”

“star trek.”


and last but not least…

“make sure to get my sS appointment in and vent to all you lovely sSers!”