online shop : discontinued product list

hi lovely sS’ers,

i hope you are enjoying summer! as you know (from our last newsletter back in march right before our move!), in addition to getting some downtime to rest and reset, i am also working on some major sS restructuring. you can expect all the details on that shortly in a clinic-wide email blast, but i thought i’d start off with a list of products we are going to discontinue carrying (along with where you can continue to purchase them, and any other notes i conjured up).

at the time of this writing, these products are still acne-safe, i am just on a quest to streamline our offerings to make running sS more sustainable to provide better service for our clients! please take a look at the list and stock up on our online shop, and feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions or concerns.

if you are a client using any of these exfoliating toners:

  • 7.5% mandelic blend
  • 7.5% mandelic + d2o blend
  • 10% mandelic toner
  • glycolactic toner
  • sterilizing toner

please contact me if you are interested in helping me research what alternatives will work best for you by emailing

many thanks for your understanding and continued support of my business through these transitions!



10% benzoyl peroxide gelentire formula5.25% benzoyl peroxide gel
10% mandelic tonicentire formulaplease contact us to be part of our research + development to find a suitable replacement
15% glycolic acid serumentire formula10% glycolic serum
alima blushesall shadesalimapure.comwe only have tested + therefore recommend their loose mineral makeup products!
alima bronzersall shadesalimapure.comwe only have tested + therefore recommend their loose mineral makeup products!
benzoyl peroxide face washall sizes, entire formulabeyond complexion benzoyl peroxide face wash
charcoal cleanserjust the 2oz + 4oz sizes8oz charcoal wash will still be available
clearing scrubentire formula (due to its plastic scrubbing beads)our new biodegradeable scrubbing medium is currently under development and will launch soon; please contact us to get a sample!
getting started kit - classic normal to oilytravel sizefull sized kit
getting started kit - moisturizing normal to drytravel sizefull sized kit
glycolactic tonerentire formulaplease contact us to be part of our research + development to find a suitable replacement
healing + moisturizing acne-safe body lotionjust the 2oz size8oz size
healing kittravel sizefull sized kit
hemporganics lipsticksall colorsyour local health food store!
hydrating cleanser v3.02oz, 4ozhydrating cleanser v3.0 - 8oz
hydrating cream.5oz jar2oz jar will still be available
hydrating gel v1 - blue formulaall sizes, entire formulahydrating gel v3.0 (clear)
hydrating gel v2 - white formulaall sizes, entire formulahydrating gel v3.0 (clear)
illuminare liquid mineral foundationsample packets + tubesilluminare sample pack (3 colors, 3 formulas)
kabuki brushes-your local health food or beauty supply store!
lightstim LED for acne-you can purchase directly from the manufacturer at
lightstim LED for wrinkles / anti-aging-you can purchase directly from the manufacturer at
magic mandelic + d2o 2.5% tonerjust the 2oz size4oz will still be available
magic mandelic + d2o 5% tonerjust the 2oz size4oz will still be available
magic mandelic + d2o 7.5% tonerentire formulaplease contact us to be part of our research + development to find a suitable replacement
magic mandelic 2.5% tonerjust the 2oz size4oz will still be available
magic mandelic 5% tonerjust the 2oz size4oz will still be available
magic mandelic 7.5% tonerentire formulaplease contact us to be part of our research + development to find a suitable replacement
optizinc vitaminentire formulayour local health food store (or GNC)!
organic bug sprayacne-safe formula discontinued by manufacturermake your own!you can make your own: combine distilled water and several drops each of essential oils: lemongrass, citronella, lavender. you'll need to experiment a bit to figure out the water:EO ratio that works for you. alternatively, many companies make mosquito essential oil blends you can use.
periowashentire formulayour local health food store!
phyto pumpkin foaming face washentire formula
retractable kabuki brushdiscontinued by manufacturer
rosewater + glycerin sprayentire formulayour local health food store!
sterilizing tonicentire formula
youngblood mineral foundation - LOOSEall shadeswe will still stock the pressed formula, or you can get the loose directly from the manufacturer's online
youngblood rice setting powder - LOOSEall shadeswe will still stock the pressed formula, or you can get the loose directly from the manufacturer's online shop
zyflamendall sizes, entire formulayour local health food store!
zyflamend nighttime formulaall sizes, entire formulayour local health food store!

for our in-clinic clients: an update on sS’s now + future (plus new location + shop info)

CHANGE IS HARD, but necessary – this is what is going on for me + sS.

i know that there have been a lot of changes with skinSALVATION in the last several months, and i want to personally thank each client that’s been understanding and supportive of me personally and my business professionally – especially those who’ve directly reached out to me and allowed me the chance to reassure them that skinSALVATION is here to stay.

sS has been my life’s work for the last 11 years (come 3/18, our birthday) and to be honest, it’s grown too big for me to manage on my own. don’t get me wrong – i’ve had some really great employees that have come and gone but every time someone leaves, i end up being the one filling those positions – from answering the phones, packing orders to seeing clients. it takes a ton of time and energy to find and train new employees, and because of the highly-detailed oriented nature of the work along with my unwillingness to compromise my high standards, many don’t work out for the long term. all this this leaves little room for the rest of my workload as a business owner, and for self-care. (remember the acne book i’ve been talking about writing for years? this is why it’s not published yet).

between running the clinic and trying to recover from my own personal nervous breakdowns and adrenal / hormonal exhaustion, running the business the way i have for the last 10+ years is not sustainable. this is why i have chosen to restructure sS in an effort to keep sS around, and to keep the quality high. i’m doing the best i can with the resources and waking hours i’ve got, and i really REALLY appreciate your support and understanding with all the changes that have and are to come.

by moving our product sales to online only, this reduces our need for client-facing employees and store hours (which were the hardest positions to fill). by reducing our clinic size, we are able to focus on providing client care, lowering our office maintenance overhead in order to ensure our therapists can afford to stay in SF. by changing the structure of my business, i can provide opportunities for women (especially women of color) to create their own economic independence (more on this to come in the next few months).

by making these changes, i will actively improve my physical and mental health so that i can be present, inspired and strong to continue working on growing sS, instead of shutting it down completely. walking the talk we preach to our clients about self-care is super crucial for me right now, and i have decided to really focus on this with the spirit of my own and my business’ vitality for the long term.

there is much work to do with the old and new offices, so will leave this statement at that, and will write more as we settle into our new digs, and as things develop. every decision i make is thought through with the highest quality possible with everyone’s best interest in mind, and i trust that those who have spent time with me through the years know this to be true. it is my character as a person functioning in this world – i do things with purpose, meaning and larger impact in mind.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your understanding, support, words of encouragement, and love.

so much love <3,


as of march 15, we are now operating out of activspace, the small business community oriented building that i started sS out of 11 years ago. check kerry out in her new treatment room, ready to see clients starting sunday march 17! please continue on to see details of how sS will continue to operate.


  • our new location is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • come to 3150 18th street @ treat avenue.
  • allow extra time for parking! you can try using the spothero app to find a space ahead of time, as street parking can be unpredictable.
  • enter on treat avenue, and dial 233 + CALL at the call box to be let in for your appointment at your scheduled time
  • kerry will be taking over reception for clients, so please EMAIL in lieu of a phone call for assistance, as she may be with clients and unable to answer the phone
  • use our new scheduler to book your appointments, or add yourself to a treatment waitlist for specific days + times
  • we sent out account invitations but if you have trouble logging in, email us!


  • with our new location, we will no longer be offering walk-in product pick ups
  • please use our new online shop to place orders
  • enjoy 10% off your first order by signing up on the mailing list, and free shipping for orders over $200
  • for the remainder of march, get free shipping with a purchase of $100 – an offer exclusive to clinic clients – please check your email for our latest newsletter sent out 3/15/19 for the promo code!
  • we sent out account invitations for the new shop site, but if you have trouble logging in or accessing clinic client products, email us!

acne safe toothpaste testing results are in!

we have some good news and we have some sad news about acne safe toothpastes:

first the sad news: our beloved kiss my face toothpaste gels that our clients have been using successfully for many years have been discontinued, as the manufacturer – kiss my face – appears to have shut down. they are no longer available.

the good news is that kim found several natural great looking alternatives and we have been testing these out on ourselves and on our clients for the last couple months. the testing results are in and the following toothpastes and gels have been deemed to be acne safe and can be found online and at many whole foods stores.

AS ALWAYS, make sure to double and triple check the ingredients of what you are looking to buy and use, because manufacturers often will change up ingredients to non-acne-safe ones without any notice. rest assured that skinSALVATION brand products are always acne-safe, and we would never reformulate with cloggy ingredients!

the safest bets

schimdt’s wondermint toothpaste is our favorite, and is so minty! most natural and acne-safe toothpastes are very mild and not minty at all. rainbow grocery doesn’t carry this, so you’ll have to find it at a whole foods or online. we’ve only tested the wondermint so far, and will update as we test out other flavors. to be safe, avoid the coconut-lime flavor!

ingredients: water, hydrated silica, glycerin, xylitol, calcium carbonate, dicalcium phosphate, magnolia acuminate bark extract, sodium phosphate, zinc citrate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, stevia rebaudiana leaf/stem powder, melaleuca alternifolia (tea tree) leaf oil, lycium barbarum (goji berry) fruit extract, punica granatum (pomegranate) extract, ubiquinone (coenzyme q10), tocopherol (vitamin e; sunflower-derived), natural flavor, xanthan gum, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, sodium benzoate

this spry xylitol peppermint toothpaste was also safe, easily found at rainbow grocery here in sf.

ingredients: water, glycerin, silica, xylitol, erythritol, lauryl glucoside, sodium methyl cocoyl taurate, zinc citrate, cranberry extract, aloe vera, xanthan gum, cellulose gum, stevia, natural peppermint flavor, sodium benzoate, titanium dioxide

the maybe’s

this nature’s gate creme de peppermint one has mixed reviews – kerry broke out the first day she started using it, so took a break to clear up. but the second time around, she didn’t break out. we have another client who said that this broke her out too, so it may be best to avoid this one to be super safe, but are including it on this list for folks who can’t find the others above.

ingredients: calcium carbonate, glycerin, water (eau), aloe barbadensis leaf juice, sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, xanthan gum, flavor (aroma/arôme)*, mentha piperita (peppermint/menthe poivrée) oil, quillaja saponaria (soap bark/buisson à savon) root extract, camellia sinensis (white tea/thé blanc) leaf extract, punica granatum (pomegranate/grenade) fruit extract, vaccinium macrocarpon (cranberry/canneberge) fruit extract, vitis vinifera (grape/raisin) seed extract, zingiber officinale (ginger/gingembre) root extract, sodium bicarbonate, calcium glycerophosphate, bisabolol, menthol.

sensodyne has long been a questionable one as well. christine, skinSALVATION’s first esthetician hire, cleared up dramatically after seeing kim for several months. she still broke out around her mouth though, and once she stopped using the acne-safe-on-paper sensodyne and switched to kiss my face, she cleared up completely. thus, we’ve always written it off as not acne-safe.

however, another long-time sS’er AK has used this exact sensodyne pronamel gentle whitening formula with no problems. so, we’ve included it here for those brave enough to try.

active ingredients:
potassium nitrate 5%, sodium fluoride 0.25% (0.15% fluoride ion)
inactive ingredients:
water, sorbitol, hydrated silica, glycerin, peg-8, cocamidopropyl betaine, flavors, xanthan gum, sodium saccharin, titanium dioxide, sodium hydroxide

the definitely not’s

this would include most all toothpastes commercially available – even ones marketed as being ‘natural’ (like tom’s! big eye roll). if the ingredient listing reads any of these 4 cloggers, move on to investigating the next tube!

  • sodium lauryl sulfate
  • sodium laureth sulfate
  • carageenan
  • coconut oil

makeup brush washing 101

keeping clean makeup brushes is a big deal if you have acne-prone skin, even if you are using acne-safe makeup. old makeup and your skin’s oils build up, potentially causing new breakouts to form.

there are makeup brush cleaning sprays on the market that are (in my opinion) totally not necessary and can actually add to the gunk that accumulates on your skin. brush cleaning sprays are like dry shampoo for your hair – imagine using dry shampoo for a straight month! gross.

actually washing your brushes with our charcoal face wash is akin to shampooing your hair in the shower with water – a much more thorough and preferred method of personal hygiene. we suggest you wash your brushes at least every 1 or 2 weeks and of course, only use skinSALVATION approved acne-safe mineral makeup.

in this video, we also show you how to wash your brushes with our charcoal wash, but also how to clean them with rubbing alcohol for everyday use, in between your weekly washings.