candida care for your ayurvedic type by john douillard

candida is a yeast that can negatively influence the body and skin when it overgrows. we found this awesome article about the ayurvedic approach to balancing candida within the body. check it out and enjoy!   — Candida Care for Your Ayurvedic Type by John Douillard on January 9, 2014 Candida albicans yeast is a naturally-occurring intestinal inhabitant which is normally kept in check by a properly balanced intestinal medium. Candida albicans becomes a concern when the intestinal flora’s good bacteria is out-populated by this yeast, which is commonly included under the heading bad bacteria. The now-flourishing yeast can enter the bloodstream via the enteric cycle and elicit the classic yeast symptoms of low energy levels, interrupted sleep, immunity issues,… read more

acne + candida-safe chicken tikka masala and saag paneer

one of my favorite things to eat is indian food, but it can be a challenge if the dishes you love most are laden with cream and cheese.  i decided to take matters into my own hands and make some acne-safe versions at home, and when searching for recipes online, was delighted at finding ones that were rated 4.5-5 stars by so many home chefs! i figured that the only substitutions we’d need to make would be to replace any cream with coconut milk, yogurt with coconut yogurt and cheese with the kite hill cheeses.  the dishes were pretty simple to make, considering the rich depth of flavors that came from combining several healthy spices, a few aromatics and a… read more

Candida Cleanse Week 4 Recipes!

The final week of the Candida Cleanse! GREAT JOB TO ALL THAT PARTICIPATED!! Disclaimer: I myself have recently transitioned from being a vegetarian. Feel free to add any meat to any and all of the dishes. Candida safe options include all free range + organic meats except for pork. No processed or cured meats are allowed. Monday Breakfast: Buckwheat porridge with cinnamon and fresh vanilla Snack: Guacamole and olives Lunch: Paleo scallion pancakes with various sautéed veggies Dinner: Crispy coconut flour chicken tenders with collards and coconut milk ranch   Tuesday Breakfast: Scrambled eggs with garlic and zucchini Snack: Kale chips drizzled in olive oil and sea salt Lunch: Quinoa salad with veggies, avocado and lemon Dinner: Turkey lettuce wraps… read more

candida cleanse- week 3 menu – step away from the broccoli!

a funny thing happened in the sS lunch room the other day. after appraising all of our lunches we realized we all had a different version of chicken and broccoli. and juan says if he eats another hard boiled egg…. well that’s just not appropriate conversation… up until now things have been going pretty smoothly. i will admit i’ve had the occasional craving for some bread and i swear i can hear the chocolate chip jar in the lobby calling my name after lunch, but mostly the challenge has been to be organized and prepared. yet, since the acne safe lifestyle requires this as well, it’s not too much different than before. this week my goal was to try some… read more

Boost Your Candida Cleanse with Herbs and Probiotics

by kerry watson taking probiotics, antifungals and detoxifying supplements during the candida cleanse enhances the effectiveness of the cleanse in terms of beating down the candida population in the body and preventing the yeasts from turning into their more destructive fungal form. in the beginning weeks of the cleanse, if you have candida overgrowth, you will experience die-off symptoms while the yeasts are starved of their main fuel source – sugar. you may feel very tired, headachy and irritable among other things. taking supplements that support the liver and other detoxification organs can help to get you through the die-off more quickly and with less intense symptoms. probiotics are important in rebuilding the healthy flora of the digestive tract that… read more