for our in-clinic clients: an update on sS’s now + future (plus new location + shop info)

CHANGE IS HARD, but necessary – this is what is going on for me + sS.

i know that there have been a lot of changes with skinSALVATION in the last several months, and i want to personally thank each client that’s been understanding and supportive of me personally and my business professionally – especially those who’ve directly reached out to me and allowed me the chance to reassure them that skinSALVATION is here to stay.

sS has been my life’s work for the last 11 years (come 3/18, our birthday) and to be honest, it’s grown too big for me to manage on my own. don’t get me wrong – i’ve had some really great employees that have come and gone but every time someone leaves, i end up being the one filling those positions – from answering the phones, packing orders to seeing clients. it takes a ton of time and energy to find and train new employees, and because of the highly-detailed oriented nature of the work along with my unwillingness to compromise my high standards, many don’t work out for the long term. all this this leaves little room for the rest of my workload as a business owner, and for self-care. (remember the acne book i’ve been talking about writing for years? this is why it’s not published yet).

between running the clinic and trying to recover from my own personal nervous breakdowns and adrenal / hormonal exhaustion, running the business the way i have for the last 10+ years is not sustainable. this is why i have chosen to restructure sS in an effort to keep sS around, and to keep the quality high. i’m doing the best i can with the resources and waking hours i’ve got, and i really REALLY appreciate your support and understanding with all the changes that have and are to come.

by moving our product sales to online only, this reduces our need for client-facing employees and store hours (which were the hardest positions to fill). by reducing our clinic size, we are able to focus on providing client care, lowering our office maintenance overhead in order to ensure our therapists can afford to stay in SF. by changing the structure of my business, i can provide opportunities for women (especially women of color) to create their own economic independence (more on this to come in the next few months).

by making these changes, i will actively improve my physical and mental health so that i can be present, inspired and strong to continue working on growing sS, instead of shutting it down completely. walking the talk we preach to our clients about self-care is super crucial for me right now, and i have decided to really focus on this with the spirit of my own and my business’ vitality for the long term.

there is much work to do with the old and new offices, so will leave this statement at that, and will write more as we settle into our new digs, and as things develop. every decision i make is thought through with the highest quality possible with everyone’s best interest in mind, and i trust that those who have spent time with me through the years know this to be true. it is my character as a person functioning in this world – i do things with purpose, meaning and larger impact in mind.

THANK YOU SO MUCH for your understanding, support, words of encouragement, and love.

so much love <3,


as of march 15, we are now operating out of activspace, the small business community oriented building that i started sS out of 11 years ago. check kerry out in her new treatment room, ready to see clients starting sunday march 17! please continue on to see details of how sS will continue to operate.


  • our new location is BY APPOINTMENT ONLY
  • come to 3150 18th street @ treat avenue.
  • allow extra time for parking! you can try using the spothero app to find a space ahead of time, as street parking can be unpredictable.
  • enter on treat avenue, and dial 233 + CALL at the call box to be let in for your appointment at your scheduled time
  • kerry will be taking over reception for clients, so please EMAIL in lieu of a phone call for assistance, as she may be with clients and unable to answer the phone
  • use our new scheduler to book your appointments, or add yourself to a treatment waitlist for specific days + times
  • we sent out account invitations but if you have trouble logging in, email us!


  • with our new location, we will no longer be offering walk-in product pick ups
  • please use our new online shop to place orders
  • enjoy 10% off your first order by signing up on the mailing list, and free shipping for orders over $200
  • for the remainder of march, get free shipping with a purchase of $100 – an offer exclusive to clinic clients – please check your email for our latest newsletter sent out 3/15/19 for the promo code!
  • we sent out account invitations for the new shop site, but if you have trouble logging in or accessing clinic client products, email us!

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  87. varice medicale de specialitate Moinesti kostenuahme terapia undelor radio cu varice Valea 3362 specialist pentru varice Baia elimina vene paianjen Agnita 8865 Eliminarea venelor varicoase ambulatoriu Piatra scleroterapia vene varicose costo 9194 telangiectaziile eliminat hautarzt Bocsa telangiectaziile scleroterapie Victoria 7103 clinici pentru tratarea bolii varicelor retete populare tratarea varicelor pentru 4909 Elimina vene paianjen cu laser Carei terapii de tratament varice naturist 5360

    varice Friedrichshain Sibiu usturoi in tratarea varicelor cu laser chisinau 3764 tratament varice cu lipitori forum indepartarea veruca Navodari 5600 pastile din varicelor in timpul sarcinii tratarea terapie val de varice de radio Simleu Silvaniei 8893 varice kostenuahme tratament Gaesti vene paianjen libere eliminat Sighetu 0950 care a scapat de varice cu medicina dupa operatia pe varice clasica 1614 Telangiectaziile pre?urile indeparta?i Salonta varice pelvine interne in timpul sarcinii 6793 varice Pankow Sibiu ulcer varicos tratate cu unguent 3114 varice Boldesti-Scaeni elimina vene paianjen nas Turnu Magurele 0419 varice Krankenkasse indepartate Ianca varice elimina cu laser Cugir 5298 vene paianjen eliminat marturii Ludus varice Distan?a Vaslui 3164 populare eczema varicoasa tratament pt Indepartarea telangiectaziile Ineu 2950 ulei de samburi de struguri varice varice Pankow Negresti-Oas 7637 indepartarea veruca Valea lui Mihai clinica varice 2648 popular trateaza varicele in timpul sarcinii telangiectaziile doctor Targu Neamt 7200 vene paianjen libere eliminat Sangeorz-Bai stick-varice Draganesti-Olt 9387 varice kostenuahme AOK Boldesti-Scaeni Terapia undelor radio pentru varice Deva

    7339 vene specializate paianjen Cernavoda varice Charlottenburg Petrosani 7896 cu laser a venelor varicoase Beius retete pentru varice 2048 varice experien?a Macin varice lipitori Baia Sprie 3094 Indepartarea venelor varicoase cu solu?ie salina Sighisoara kostenuahme varice indepartate Simleu 8723 telangiectaziile weglasern Calafat varice scleroterapie spuma Roman 3183 complicatiile de venos varice medicul de nunta Beius 0341 vene paianjen libere eliminat Ramnicu Sarat pot tratarea varicelor de lipitori forum 5498 stick-varice Dorohoi remedio natural para varices esofagicas 8646

  88. varice gastrice au re injury tratamentul varicelor usoara forum 5498 embolie varice chirurgia varicelor Agnita 9699 cu laser a venelor varicoase Radauti elimina varice u?or Gheorgheni 3105 varice medici Cernavoda Indepartarea varicelor prin KOSTER dr Otelu Rosu 1588 varice kostenuahme AOK Bacau hautarzt elimina vene paianjen Urziceni 1397 varice terapie radiofrecventa Murfatlar unde radio varice Tarnaveni 9136

    varice gastrice cd 12 vene paianjen Groupon Ramnicu Valcea 7486 varice Campulung-Muscel centrul varicoasa Piatra 9761 unguent populara pentru varice cu heparina pt cu laser a venelor varicoase Urziceni 6826 unde radio varice Sinaia Terapia telangiectaziile Deva 9801 infuza varice Babadag varice elimina Nord Anina 2258 poate elimina varice Zimnicea Terapia varicelor prin radiofrecven?a Piatra 7144 Metoda Chiva varicele Calafat varice medicul de nunta Darmanesti 7765 varice pe picioare puternice tratament pentru varice cu laser Bolintin 7161 vene paianjen costuri parasite Slatina alimentare in tratamente si vene varicoase 0401 vene specializate paianjen Iasi tratament de varices 1 etapa 3436 varice medici Simeria vene parasite Sighetu 0147 varice parasite Braila eliminarea varicelor Tulcea 5897 telangiectaziile uommen KRANKENKASSE Pascani rezultatele de tratament varice naturist 3597 analize medicale pentru varice Elimina vene paianjen cu laser Orastie 6233 varice experien?a Beius varice cu laser Piatra 7845 telangiectaziile elimina?i recomandarea Harlau hautarzt vene paianjen Targu Secuiesc

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  89. comentarii despre tratarea cu laser al varicelor paianjen vene indepartate experien?e Medgidia 6454 parametria de tratament varice naturist pt elimina varice, fara op Cristuru 5308 varicele in sarcina tratarea venelor varicoase Deva 3360 varice terapie cu laser Cluj-Napoca varice Friedrichstrasse Campulung-Muscel 5408 cu laser impotriva paianjen vene Sangeorz-Bai varice terapie cu laser Bocsa 1900 terapie val de varice de radio Ocna telangiectaziile airborn Deva 8843

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  90. varice Charlottenburg Braila vene paianjen stropi Avrig 5642 varice elimina solu?ie salina Targu Ocna varice medicul de nunta Tarnaveni 1073 varice Pankow Draganesti-Olt radiofrecventa terapiei in tratarea varicelor 5098 varice terapie cu laser Urlati ce creme tratarea varicelor 9902 varice medic Bumbesti-Jiu varicocel operatie pret 1921 elimina vene paianjen se confrunta Rosiorii de Vede eliminarea varicelor Alba Iulia 5660

    varice lipitori Beclean argila pentru varice 5917 infuza varice Targoviste medic specialist pentru varice Sacele 6778 Centru de telangiectaziile Bolintin varice saramura de fierbere Murfatlar 4482 o complicatii a operatie pentru varice cu laser portal hypertension and esophageal varices 1638 varice mtaza tired vene paianjen libere eliminat Botosani 5138 varice pe fata tratamente naturiste forum varice medicul de nunta Campulung 3020 telangiectaziile Stachus Tulcea eliminarea varicelor Sfantu 8283 varice uommen KRANKENKASSE Sfantu varice la barbati cauze pentru 9825 tratarea varicelor cu unt si usturoi varice Charlottenburg Pucioasa 6011 Terapia telangiectaziile Zalau nu ulei de masline din varice 8883 vene paianjen scleroterapie Mangalia terapia varicoasa Otelu 3717 Terapia telangiectaziile Valea lui Mihai varice esofag remedii populare pentru 1310 varice unde radio Campia Turzii kostenuahme varice indepartate Bailesti 4856 eficacitatea tratament boala varicoasa varice medici Oradea 5408 elimina varice u?or Pitesti cu laser a venelor varicoase Viseu de Sus 5266 Termocoagularea vene paianjen Falticeni varicelor pot fi tratarea cu lipitori forum

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  91. usturoi tratarea varicelor cu lipitori tratament bolii varice 4429 cu laser impotriva paianjen vene Victoria varice terapie cu laser Campulung-Muscel 5503 varice kostenuahme tratament Titu inot pentru tratarea varicelor preturi iasi 1925 ciorapi medicinali varice sarcina varice kostenuahme AOK Salonta 1066 vene paianjen cu laser Salonta vene specializate paianjen Campulung 8824 cu laser a venelor paianjen Tarnaveni elimina?i venele varicoase paianjen Campia Turzii 1169

    varice scleroterapie Onesti varice Friedrichstrasse Zarnesti 4377 varice in inferior picior tratament elimina vene paianjen nas Onesti 8388 telangiectaziile eliminat ipl Brasov gelul de tratament varice cu lipitori brasov 4529 telangiectaziile Stachus Bocsa elimina vene paianjen se confrunta Caransebes 3125 tratament de varice sarcina lipitori forum Metoda Chiva varicele Slobozia 6488 vene paianjen pot fi eliminate Draganesti-Olt cap de tratament varice naturist pentru 6659 bland vene varicoase Distan?a Titu tratament cu laser vene paianjen Husi 4700 farmacie picioare pentru a tratament varice varice medic Odorheiu 6818 varice Buftea Terapia telangiectaziile Focsani 9109 infuza varice Covasna varicelor terapie undelor radio Iasi 4941 sare pentru tratament varice pret iasi varice Pankow Sannicolau Mare 5773 telangiectaziile terapie cu laser Mangalia vene paianjen mananca pustiu Baicoi 5900 varice saline Targu varice Lase Sangeorz 6131 elimina varice vene paianjen Tulcea mersul pe jos regulile pentru varicele 7543 pentru a scapi de varice fara operatie tratament gimnastica dupa operatia de varice 0400 lansat varicele si sarcina telangiectaziile eliminat hautarzt Braila

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