FREE 2oz body lotion when you donate to EMPACT northwest

EMPACT northwest is a non profit organization that helps get professional medical volunteers to places in need. these volunteers assist with domestic and international medical emergencies, disasters, and scheduled medical missions. they are currently deploying a medical unit to haiti to aid the victims of hurricane matthew.


one of sS’s own beautiful clients arrived home safely this week from haiti and sent us this sweet message and update:


“Here are some shot of me with your products. I know I don’t post yelp reviews or FB comments. But I could not have the complexion and confidence if not for your amazing work!!! So even while on deployment in Haiti where there is NO running water I still manage to take my product with me! We had rain water we would use to take “bucket” rinses. The small bottle without a label is my charcoal wash. Please post the hell out it and make sure people know that you donate to us and make us possible!”


sS client uses her skin clearing products on a medical mission in Haiti! sS client brings charcoal cleanser and moisturizer with her on medical mission to Haiti!


how you can help (even if you aren’t a medical professional)

visit and make a donation of $10 or more. bring proof of your donation with you to sS and receive a FREE 2oz body lotion!

treats without the tricks!

halloween is just around the corner and with it comes a plethora of tempting candy! to help you navigate the aisles of hauntingly delicious treats, we have compiled a list of mouth watering acne-safe candies for you to indulge in, while still staying on track. note that the treats listed below are free of dairy and soy but still contain a lot of sugar which can cause new acne to form and inflame existing acne. proceed with caution and be sure to all read labels!

airheads (V)
atomic fireball (V)
brach’s candy corn classic, brach’s candy corn mini
blow pops (V)
dots (V)
dum dum lollipops (V)
jujy fruits
jelly belly (except jelly bean chocolate dips, cold stone chocolate devotion®, cold stone mint mint chocolate chocolate chip®, chocolate pudding, and dark chocolate)
jolly ranchers (V)
now and later (original flavor is vegan)
pez (V)
pixy Stix (V)
skittles (V)
smarties (V)
sour patch kids (V)
sour patch watermelon (V)
starburst, starburst fruity slushies, favereds
starburst fruit flavored candy corn
swedish fish (V)
sweeTARTS (V)
tootsie charms blow pops, charms pops, charms mini-pops, charms candy corn pops
trolli gummy bears
trolli sour brite frite crawlers
trolli sour brite eggs
trolli extreme sour bites
twizzlers (V)

***(V) signals all vegan treats

acne-safe halloween candy inforgraphic

although prepackaged candy can be enticing, the best way to stay on the road to clarity while going about halloween festivities is to make your own! a classic treat that we suggest is rice krispies! you can even make your own marshmallows!

rice krispies
6 cups rice krispies cereal
3 tablespoons ghee or clarified butter
1 package (10 oz., about 40) marshmallows
4 cups miniature marshmallows (you can use store bought ones that are dairy and soy free or make your own!)



join us for a casual, fun and delicious happy hour party tomorrow to celebrate the launch of our newly reformulated top 5, and release of our brand new body lotion!

all guests will receive a travel-sized set of all our new formulas, plus a chance to win your full-sized favorite.

you’ll also get a chance to film your own video testimonial, to help spread the word on how working with us has changed your life – and how others can achieve skinSALVATION too.

AND…. a very special gift from the founder of methodology premium paleo food delivery: the first 10 party attendees will receive a yummy paleo meal to take home and prepare!   (ps – use code skinsalvation and get 10% off your first week 😉 ).

hope to see you there 🙂

xo, kim + team sS

our top 5 products – new and improved! (plus new body lotion too)

hey sS’ers –

heads up that we’ve spent the last year reformulating our best sellers, and they’ve finally arrived in-clinic for purchase!

illustration by janice chuang

our original formula used to have wheat protein in it for skin conditioning, but we’ve replaced it with quinoa protein so it’s now 100% gluten free!

HYDRATING CLEANSER (replacing the green tea cleanser)
this new formula now removes makeup!!  with a base of aloe vera, glycerin and sunflower seed oil, it also contains healing aloe vera, rosemary, honey; antioxidant gluconolactone and an active form of vitamin b to improve water retention.

has been reformulated to absorb better into the skin, and moisturize without leaving it greasy.  the honeysuckle extract in it has been used in traditional chinese medicine to reduce inflammation.  bisabolol derived from chamomile soothes the skin, and fructooligosaccharides derived from cane and beet sugars help bind moisture to the skin, and promote the growth of healthy bacteria to strengthen skin immunity.

no longer blue, artificially fragranced or sticky, this new formula is chock-full of moisturizing, healing, and anti-aging ingredients: honeysuckle, feverfew, sodium hyaluronate (part of the skin’s natural moisturizing factor), bisabolol, peptides for anti-aging, and powerhouse antioxidants gluconolactone and mangosteen.

the same great, aloe vera based formula, but now in 1.75 ounce tubes for easy dispensing, and better product preservation.

and introducing our newest baby..

after derma-e abruptly discontinued our beloved and acne-safe body lotion, we got to work on our own, sS approved formula.  after several revisions and testing, we’ve finally got our own body lotion in stock.  formulated for everyday use, we’ve infused it with lots of healing and anti-itching ingredients, to aid in the post-treatment process (like, after a back chemical peel).

please let us know how you like the new formulations – we hope you love them as much as we do, but please do let us know how we can improve them!

we are delighted to be able to continually improve our products and processes with your support.  we couldn’t do it without you, and we look forward to expanding our reach with you at our side!