weleda lip balm discontinued at sS

skinSALVATION is committed to providing and recommending products that are completely acne safe. this includes products that you use on your lips and mouth like toothpaste, lipstick, lipgloss and lip balm.

we have been working with a rockstar client who is on point with her diet, lifestyle and regimen. all of her products are acne safe and she is clearing up nicely, except for some pesky pimples on her lip line. her toothpaste and cooking oils are acne safe and she has been using the weleda lip balm (orange tube) that we carry here at sS as her only lip product. as an experiment, we had her stop using the weleda and switch the the skinSALVATION lip balm with spf. when she swapped balms, her lip line cleared.


during this time we also emailed all of our previous clients who purchased the weleda lip balm from us to see if they had any adverse reactions. (if you were one of these clients, thank you for your feedback!) turns out that no one else seemed to have a problem with it.

if you are still using weleda with no problems that’s great! we would love a quick email from you so that we can keep track.

we consider one client breaking out enough to discontinue a product. with other great alternatives out there, it isn’t worth taking the chance.

if you are breaking out along the lip line, between the mouth and nostrils, or on the chin, here are a few things to look out for:

  • cloggy lip balm the only ones that we are currently recommending as 100% safe are skinSALVATION spearmint + lavender mint, and annemarie borlind “for lips”
  • cloggy lipgloss check out the hemporganics lip tints instead!
  • cloggy lipstick hemporganics has a ton of beautiful shades in matte and shimmer
  • cloggy toothpaste our recommendation is kiss my face gel *note that they are discontinuing their mega large tubes and their travel size so stock up while you can. ingredients to look out for in toothpaste are coconut oil, sodium laurel sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate and carrageenan (aka irish moss).
  • cloggy cooking oils coconut oil, soybean oil, corn oil, peanut oil + avocado oil. easy to avoid these at home but not so easy when you eat out, so limit the taqueria visits to stay your clearest.
  • waxing / threading / shaving can irritate the skin. make sure that your shaving cream, aftershave, etc. is acne safe. threading is preferred over waxing because it is less harsh on the skin and the wax itself can contain cloggy ingredients. make sure either way that they aren’t using products on your before or after, like oils and powders (pure witch hazel is okay).
  • kissing not the act itself, that can be a great way to relieve stress 😉 however, you want to make sure that your partner is using acne safe lip products, mustache wax, beard oil, lipstick, etc.

if you do experience breakouts around the mouth:

  • keep icing! to reduce current inflammation, prevent future inflammation and help your products penetrate better.
  • stick to your regimen morning and evening, as recommended by your esthetician.
  • stay away from foods that are not acne safe dairy, soy, coffee and sugar!
  • take a breather deep breaths or a quick meditation can help reduce stress and prevent inflamed and non inflamed breakouts.

Deer Antler Velvet


 Hello workout fanatics! Ever heard of a supplement called Deer Antler Velvet? Chances are if you are a football fan, you may recall a scandal regarding its use with Quarterback Ray Lewis during the 2013 Superbowl. We want to showcase some of the benefits and some of not so great things about it in case you are interested in using it to build muscle mass and generate overall vitality.


DAE has been used for over 2,000 years in China for numerous ailments and minor conditions. It’s considered to be one of three major tonic herbs. Meaning you can find it in most herbal concoctions. It’s best known through Chinese medicine for treating infertility, joint inflammation, and hypertension. In addition, traditional medicine has used DAE to improve mental alertness and memory, boost immune system function speed, speed up wound healing, slow aging, balance iron levels, improve libido in both sexes, treat acne and other skin conditions, treat PMS, and restore joint health (Comston, OSU).

It also contains calcium, zinc, magnesium, a full spectrum of amino acids, hyaluronic acid, and anti inflammatory prostaglandins. Prostaglandins are hormone-like compounds that help control blood pressure, smooth muscle activity, inflammation, glandular secretion, calcium movement, hormone regulation, and cell growth. Hyaluronic acid maintains elasticity of skin and connective tissue.


The biggest downside is that while Chinese medicine has been using it for thousands of years; there is not a ton of evidence in recent scientific studies to prove it’s effectiveness.


Experientially, I do know that when I used to work at a holistic health store that sold it as a supplement, It became a real hot item once a local herbalist began to use it to heal an old shoulder injury she sustained during karate a few years back. The results were tremendous! She almost has full range of motion back in her shoulder now. I myself also have used it to treat weak knees and an shoulder injury, all of which have since healed and I now barely notice any aches and pains.

How it supposedly works for building muscle is that it acts as an IGF-1, or a insulin growth hormone, that aids in: recovery, builds tissue, and strengthens tissue (web.md). From what I gather, it seems as though there is not much IGF-1 to sustain building as much muscle mass as say a synthetic IGF, but it can help in building some extra mass. Other benefits of IGF-1 are that it supports immune function, normal growth, cardiovascular functions, sleep functions, and eyesight.


Surprisingly, yes. No deer are killed or are hurt in the process of removing their antlers as they naturally regenerate on their own – or should be, anyway. It’s always a good idea to contact the manufacturer yourself and ask about their practices.



Some words of advice if you decide to try it. Typically, deer antler governs works with the functions of the liver and kidney’s. It affects your hormones big time meaning that if you already testosterone or estrogen heavy, it may cause you to break out or for your mood to change. This is highly unusual but it is something to be aware of should you notice any symptoms.

ALSO, quality is a huge factor with how well deer antler velvet works. I have tried a few different brands myself and found that in tincture form, Ron Teeguarden is the best. It’s expensive but it’s worth it. He uses only deer tips and that is scientifically proven to be the most potent part of the antler. Why pay for parts of an antler that have little effect on your body?!


Remember that we are not doctors. We do not prescribe supplements or medication. We hope be able to empower you with knowledge of different tools and alchemy to help sustain the best version of you!


by kerry watson

the main goal this week is to stay the course. you will be tired and cranky and you’ll be tempted to cheat. thankfully, you are a planner and that means that you will have candida-safe meals ready to go at every turn.


as a rule i refrigerate stuff for up to 3 days and freeze/reheat the rest. i like to package my food in meal sized containers so that i can just grab it and go as needed.


pro tip: to make the shopping part super easy – use instacart and just get all this stuff delivered so you can take a much needed and well-deserved nap 🙂




1.) this is my new go-to breakfast even before i started on the candida diet. its yummy and easy which are two of my favorite things! toasted buckwheat groats (i cook this in broth instead of water) with two hard or soft boiled eggs


a couple things to keep in mind:


– soft boiled eggs should be made fresh each time. it doesn’t take long and its super easy once you’ve done it once


– make the buckwheat ahead of time and just reheat it in the morning. 1/3-1 cup cooked is a good serving size. (don’t forget the salt and pepper)


2.) veggie and egg muffin cups


– these freeze up and reheat really well (good as a snack too)




1.)  creamy veggie soup and a zucchini muffin (just use olive oil if you don’t have beef tallow lying around)

– for the soup, the recipe says that you can add honey to sweeten it but in order to keep it candida safe you’ll need to skip the honey. you can try adding a tiny bit of stevia or xylitol (both of these are candida safe sweeteners – go easy though, a little goes a long way)

2.) indian spiced turkey burgers with roasted garlic spread and cilantro sprigs wrapped in lettuce – these are so good! make a double or even triple recipe – you’ll be glad you did.




1.) crispy chicken 4 ways with roasted cauliflower (just use olive oil)


how to make the chicken “4 ways”:  basically you swap out the italian spice blend in the recipe with 3 different spice blends. here are some good ones. or just do it all with the it italian spice blend – its very good just like that. double this recipe as well. you want to end up with about 8 thighs.


2.) slow cooked red beef curry (the green chicken curry is great too!) with cauliflower rice


add some fresh or frozen broccoli florets to the beef curry when there is about a 1-1.5 hours left to the cooking time.




1.) vanilla coconut custard – this recipe is a little more involved that i thought when i first looked at it. i made a quick version which is more of a vanilla coconut egg bake.


 if you want to try this simplified version here are the steps:


– blend 4 eggs, a can of coconut milk a vanilla bean (use the seeds inside) or a teaspoon of pure alcohol free vanilla extract and 20 drops of stevia with a hand mixer or emersion blender. pour into a glass pie dish and bake at 350 for 45 minutes. its not custard but it was pretty tasty for a candida-safe dessert 🙂


2.) coconut almond no-bake balls




1.) rosemary marcona almonds and mixed olives

2.) celery sticks and almond butter

3.) these! only the unsweetened variety is safe for this cleanse