acne-safe seasonings

we know a lot of you struggle with finding seasoning that doesnt contain soy or a dozen other unhealthy chemicals.  have no fear, the sS team is here to help!  we went to rainbow and found these acne-safe alternatives (and they are now here at sS for all of you to try on your next visit):

coconut secret raw coconut aminos, about $9:
this soy sauce alternative has 65% less sodium and is  gluten and dairy free.  it is supposed to be safe to use while on the candida cleanse, and is surprisingly sweet – use it as you would like a teriyaki sauce.  it’s definitely more sweet than salty.






ume-shiso sprinkle, about $4:
a japanese condiment made from shiso leaves and ume. shiso is a perilla plant and related to the mint family, while ume is pickled and dried plum. you can sprinkle this on everything from rice to salads for a salty and tangy flavor.   a traditional japanese dish you can make would be to take a bowl of rice, pour some tea into it and sprinkle some of this on top.  a real comfort for those cold nights, or when you are feeling under the weather.






garlic gold sea salt nuggets, about $3.50:
these little nuggets are made from chopped and toasted organic garlic and is great as a salt substitute or seasoning for your for just about everything.  we’ve used them at sS for roasted veggies – simply toss mixed veggies with these nuggets and olive oil, roast at 400 for about 15 minutes = yum!






garlic gold italian herb nuggets, about $3.50:
just like the sea salt nuggets, these nuggets are made from toasted organic garlic, except without salt.  here at sS, we like to sprinkle this on kale with a little olive oil and roast them for a yummy snack.

acne-safe ice cream!

we’ve recently discovered some really (really!) delicious dairy-free ice cream. here are the ones we’ve discovered and actually test-drove so far..  they should be easily found at your local whole foods or even safeway!

let us know how you like them, and if you find out about any other yummy ones…

kim’s so far only tried so delicious’ mint chip and green tea.  the green tea’s (sweetened with agave) a mild tasting green tea, but the mint chip (sweetened with stevia) is a winner!  to be honest, there is a tiny bit of a stevia aftertaste with the mint chip, but it doesnt seem to keep me from eating the whole pint at a time.

this haagen dazs chocolate sorbet does have sugar and corn syrup in it, but it is dairy free and delicious.  yum.  thanks to KH for finding this one!

and these, i think, are the overall fave.  it does contain sugar cane juice and some carageenan and coconut oil, but in moderation, these can be a lifesaver when you are craving a bit of bon-bon action.  they are often on sale at whole foods, too!
ps: you dont have to buy 2 of these to get the sale price 😉