sensitive peely face? could be overexfoliation. or… who you’re making out with!

often times we get girls that come in complaining of sensitivity and peeling around the mouth, and lower half of the face.

we find that a lot of our clients break out on the lower half of the face, so they seem to be a bit over-zealous with the application of their toner to try and get the acne off of it.  yes, this practice would help speed exfoliation, but it is also important to have the skin be comfortable, to keep the moisture barrier intact, which in turn helps facilitate healing of the skin.  so to these girls we say, let the acids in the toner do their work.  no need to rub extra hard!  you can tone around the peely/sensitive areas, and when those areas heal and are back to normal, you can begin toning here again, gently.

another common incidence too is that these girls are making out with bearded dudes.  bearded dudes run rampant in SF, the mission district especially!  these hotties can be hard to resist with their cute outfits and hipster swag.  so in these cases, after a makeout session with a fine bearded fella, take it easy on your skin.

avoid using exfoliants (mandelic toner, salicylic or glycolic acid, vitamin a) around the mouth, and treat the lower half of the face like you are recovering from a treatment – aka the healing regimen.  gently cleanse, lightly ice, probably avoid toner and any exfoliating serums, and moisturize extra.  you can do the clearing regimen on the rest of your face, and resume on the sensitive areas – only after they have healed.

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