looking forward to 2010

greetings, skinSALVATION’ers!

hope you are all well, and that you are enjoying the holidays! the weather is getting windy-er and chilly-er so make sure to dress warm, drink warm fluids and keep your face well moisturized! the cold winter air can make even the oiliest skins dehydrated and dull. there are some really exciting things are in the works for the future of skinSALVATION in 2010. we are growing slowwwly, but surely. read on to find out more.

ok so yes, the current home of skinSALVATION is about the size of a phonebooth. how will we get all these esthetician girls, plus you, into one booth? though we do not yet have a new clinic space secured, i have a feeling something will come up in the new year. i decided to give the search a rest after deciding i don’t want to settle for something so-so, and will wait until we find the best new home. we will focus inward (staffing, development) and hope that energy radiates outward (to a sweet new space with an awesome view!) 🙂

we have started carrying non-comedogenic lipbalm (burt’s bees, blistex, softlips, vaseline clog up lips!) and shampoo and conditioner. and due to the popular response to the colorescience pressed minerals, we have started carrying the sunscreen powder (for touching up mid-day, invisible mattifying and spf protection), bronzers, highlighters and even a few blushes! i have been noticing that bare minerals (unfortunately) tends to clog pores over time, so if you are still noticing some breaking out, you may want to consider switching makeups. gift certificates are also available!

CHANGES – hours
the clinic is open sun/mon/wed/thu, from 1-6pm. you can come to pick up products whenever you like – no appointment needed. i just ask that you send me an email telling me what you need and when you’d like to come in, so i can have it ready for you.

please remember that your health savings accounts (HSA) and flex spending accounts (FSA) will more than likely cover the costs of your treatments and products with skinSALVATION! let me know if you need me to email you your invoices for the year 2009.

thank you all SO much for making 2009 such a wonderful year. i am blessed to have the gift of healing skincare to share and literally improve the quality of life for the acne-prone. you all have been such a wonderful inspirational and motivational influence to me, and i look forward to spreading the goodness of skinSALVATION to those who need it, as far corners of the world as this journey takes us!

many many blessings to you and your loved ones.
see you all soon!



(anthem salgado is one of my most favorite friends. he’s taught me all i know about rock climbing and he is the friend in my circle that is perpetually inspiring, extremely creative, attractively wise (he is single, btw – wink) and always so self empowering. he is putting on a couple of workshops to help our artistic selves toot our own horn to get a j-o-b in this economy! check it.)

…with this ART OF HUSTLE workshop.

Sadly, many artists still think they’ll be “discovered” — Really? — so they don’t bother learning fundamental (yes, fundamental, not elective) skills necessary to their own advancement.

Real talk, when you don’t have the support of a major institution (which is most of us, most of the time), you can still make moves! Folks ought to take the wheel and exercise more self-determination. Now here it is. A not-too-long, not-too-short, one-afternoon-only class on:

* CREATING your artist statement, resume, press release, media kit
* STRATEGIZING and PROFESSIONALIZING your process to get your work seen

Whatever your genre, this is for anyone who would benefit from a learning boost.

REGISTER HERE – http://anthemsalgado.com/events.htm

also, for the actors and spoken word wizards..

I’m giving a Storytelling workshop next month, the only one (to my knowledge), that is GUARANTEED for freshness. Seriously, that’s no play on words.

We’re gonna write, we’re gonna act, we’re gonna have fun, AND our performances are gonna be presented by a 25-year veteran arts organization!

If you could use more stage time, or joy, or creativity, or performance skills, this is for you! I’d love to see you and I’d love to work with you. Please sign up!

Tuesdays in March
REGISTER HERE – http://anthemsalgado.com/events.

thank you for supporting your local artists!

hello world!

welcome to our very first blog post!  this will be a place for skinSALVATION to post happenings around the city, our latest findings on acne and the skin, as well as random updates.  here is the newest bit of information, live and direct!

with the crazy (but good crazy!) success of our uniquely effective acne management techniques, the good word has spread and we now have a 6-month waitlist to see new clients. skinSALVATION is working hard to expand our staff as well as our location (we are looking high and low for the perfect place) to help expedite the wait! thank you so much for your patience, it will be worth it, we promise.

we can arrange for products to be sent to our EXISTING client base. (sorry new clients, but we feel comfortable recommending products only after a thorough consultation, for your safety!) just send us an email with what you need, where to send it to, and what form of payment you’d like to use (credit cards and checks are accepted). please note, that insurance is now mandatory and will be tacked on to each and every order sent out (starts at 60 cents and up), regardless of the purchase dollar amount. all packages are processed and sent out on TUESDAYS, via USPS for now.

we have begun to implement a new cancellation policy, please take note that it will be effective immediately. we ask for 48 hours notice in order to avoid any rescheduling or cancellation changes. we will charge 50% of the service price for 24 hours notice, and 100% (or deduct a full treatment from your series) for same day notice, or no-show. your appointment reminder email is sent out 3 days in advance, giving you a full 24 hours to modify your appointment if needed, without penalty.

thank you as always, for your continued support of our small business. it is a gift to be able to help people, younger and older, to rediscover their clearer complexions and new outlook on life.

we look forward to seeing you soon!