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skinSALVATION is celebrating 9 years of helping empower people with the tools that they need to get, and keep, clear skin FOR LIFE. we would love for you to join us in our celebration on march 25th from 3pm – 6pm. we will have cocktails, an acne-safe and soy-free noodle bar from mau vietnamese restaurant, and hundreds of dollars of gifts from skinSALVATION, kabuki spa, mateo’s taqueria and more. come hang out with kim and the entire skinSALVATION crew and let’s have a great time!


holiday travel essentials for clear skin


airplane travel and acne


airport and road trip food is often filled with dairy, soy and lots of salt. this article from BBC says that airplane food is heavily salted because lack of humidity and low pressure in the cabin decreases our ability to taste salt + sweet by 30%. not only can this heightened salt intake increase water retention making your body feel puffy, it can also irritate acne. forego the airport food and bring these snacks with you instead:

  • justin’s single serving almond butter with apple chips (i’ve found these at most metropolitan airports lately)
  • fresh fruit
  • a sandwich

keep leftover snacks from the trip with you in case you’re in a situation where you didn’t get much to eat at a meal that was dairy or soy heavy.


moskvitch also writes in her article, why does food taste different on planes? that, “at about 30,000 feet, humidity is less than 12% – drier than most deserts.” this can wreck havoc on your body and skin causing intense dehydration. add a cocktail in the mix and you’re guaranteed to wake up from your in-plane snooze with a headache. this article from the atlantic recommends that you drink one liter of water for every 5 hours of air travel.

topically, i like to add an extra layer of hydrating gel under my regular daytime moisturizer and bring a small bottle of rose water with me to regularly spritz my face during the trip.

hydration and acne

if you’re traveling to a warm climate

  • your regimen! you may want to opt for a lighter moisturizer like hydrating gel instead of hydrating cream if you’re traveling to a hot + humid climate. also, lay off of harsh exfoliants like vitamin a on days that you’re spending in the sun to reduce your chance of hyper-pigmentation.

if you’re traveling to a cold climate


it’s essential to bring your own washcloths and pillowcases with you so that you don’t have to use host’s or hotel’s that are washed in cloggy laundry detergent and fabric softener. in addition, it can be embarrassing to bleach a host’s linens with benzoyl peroxide!

bring one washcloth per day of travel. you can use the same one morning and night, but not into the next day. bring 1 pillow case for every 3-5 days of travel. use one side of the pillowcase only to avoid the transfer of cloggy detergent or fabric softener from the sheets to your face or benzoyl peroxide residue from your face to their sheets.

acne-safe pillowcase

to prevent travel induced inflammation

  • ice! bring your ice pop maker if you’ll be at a host’s house or in a hotel with a freezer. if you don’t have access to a freezer, you can ask the hotel bar or concierge to bring you a glass of ice or get a few cubes from the ice machine.
  • take zyflamend each night to help reduce and prevent inflammation.
  • stick to the acne-safe diet by avoiding dairy, soy and coffee completely and limiting your sugar and alcohol intake.
  • keep your sleep consistent. try to go to bed at the same time as you would if you were at home and be sure to get 8-9 hours of quality sleep each night.
  • if you take a birth control pill, take it every 24 hours. that may a different time of day than at home because of a time change.
  • have fun, breathe deeply, relax your mind an body, enjoy time spent with loved ones or for yourself.

tomato sherpa: local, organic, and acne-safe

for a lot of people, one of the hardest parts of transitioning to the acne-safe lifestyle is figuring out how to eat. one day you’re happily cooking your macaroni and cheese or tofu stir fries, and the next day you’re not supposed to be eating dairy or soy.

cooking at home is one of the easiest ways to control what you eat, and make sure you’re getting healthy, nourishing food. but, for some of us, cooking doesn’t come, shall we say, naturally.

enter tomato sherpa. tomato sherpa is a berkeley-based company that sources local, organic ingredients, preps meals for you, then delivers it directly to your office (or, you can pick it up at sS on thursdays!) each week they have new recipes (most of which are totally acne-safe) that you can choose from, with vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available. all you have to do is select your meal, pick up your reusable tomato sherpa tote, then cook! all of the heavy lifting is done for you, and you can be sure the ingredients you’re getting are locally grown, sustainable, and organic.

if you sign up for a subscription at tomatosherpa.com/skinSALVATION, you’ll get a free week. there’s no obligation, but at between $7 and $10 per portion, it’s a super affordable (and fun) way to cook at home, so why not do it every week?

i had the chance to try it out last week when my friend vera was in town visiting from new york. i’ve never been a particularly skilled cook, and vera hasn’t turned on her stove in 6 months, but still we managed to make a pretty awesome meal — and have a great time.

check out our experience making vegan curried cauliflower with coconut rice below, and if you want to try this particular recipe yourself, download the recipe card and get cooking!